Where to stay during a stay in Porto?

Where to stay during a stay in Porto?

There are many accommodation options in Porto. Choose the one that suits you best! So Where to stay during a stay in Porto?

“I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

We have already mentioned the types of accommodation that are available in Porto, but in which neighborhood is it better to leave your suitcases? Where to stay during a stay in Porto? Between Airbnb, pensãos  (Portuguese guest house), hotels, apartment exchanges, or hostels,  each neighborhood has its specificities that will define your choice.

Regarding the neighborhood, this division into two parts also occurs in the accommodation, since we find the center of Porto and the surrounding neighborhoods.

In the center, you will not only be close to all tourist services, but also to the Douro River, where walking at night is very pleasant. Having a drink along the pier, in front of the Dom Luis bridge, is charming.

However, all of this comes at a price, as rates will be among the highest in the city, especially during peak season. Also pay attention to availability, since it is a very popular neighborhood. This is the other side of the coin of the tourist districts: they are very prominent and, although they are central and very practical, they can sometimes be a significant cost to the budget.

Adjacent city neighborhoods tend to be cheaper and have the advantage of being much quieter, each with its own particular atmosphere. However, make sure to check that they are well connected or that they are not  too far  from the monuments that interest you, for example:

  • Boavista, northwest of the city,  a modern neighborhood full of shops and restaurants of all kinds.
  • Miragaia, near the old town and the Duero,  very quiet.
  • Masserelos, west of the city center, student, with a lot of life, where the value for money is very interesting.

Either way, Porto is a fairly accessible city, and the neighborhood will be defined mainly by the points of interest that you want to see the most, beyond your budget!


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