Where to stay during a visit in Beijing

Where to stay during a visit in Beijing

Relax, it is not very likely that you will find a lion sleeping in your hotel bed.
21.54. No, it is not the price of a hotel night, but the number, in millions, of people living in Beijing permanently. As a direct result of this overcrowding,  housing pressure and demand for housing are incredibly strong, and housing prices in Beijing are high.
To find out  where to stay in Beijing , here are our tips.
If you are traveling on a budget, you will have to move away from the city center or give up the comfort of a cozy bed in a private room and opt for hostels with shared rooms.
You can find rooms in residents’ houses, but the prices set by the owners can be exorbitant  (often € 50-100 per night for two people).
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Hotels are affordable, depending on the level of comfort, of course (starting at € 20-30 per night for two people), but you won’t have the advantage of having access to the kitchen and living room, as is the case with the accommodation in houses of inhabitants.

You can visit the following platforms to find where to sleep: Where to stay during a visit in Beijing

Home to Go.
Accommodation in the historic center, near the Old Palace, the Imperial City and the museums, will allow you to more comfortably visit the monuments of the city, and by staying in the house of an inhabitant, you will be able to discover anecdotes and unusual stories about the history of China, but you will have to pay the price: from € 35 to more than € 100 per night.
If not, you can look in the commercial district (the CBD), located from Dawanglu Street to Dongdaqiao Street from east to west, and from Chaoyanglu Street to the Tonghuihe River from north to south.
Looking for a tailor-made vacation and picturesque getaways, a tour to discover popular China? Opt for the traditional Chinese houses, the  hutongs , to discover how people lived in the time of the emperors!

As of June 5, 2019 Historic Center and Forbidden City / Tian’anmen Square financial district Sanlitun District Gulou District
Airbnb € 35-100 € 20-50 € 25-50 € 20-45
HomeAway € 70 – more than € 300 € 75 – more than € 200 More than € 500 per night € 50 – € 300
Home to Go € 30-350 20-200 € € 50-250 € 30 – more than € 200

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