Whether there is a Mass Effect series (or movie) is just a matter of time, says its director

Whether there is a Mass Effect series (or movie) is just a matter of time, says its director

Mac Walters explains the cancellation of that project with Legendary Pictures that never materialized.

Whether there is a Mass Effect series, or a movie , is just a matter of time. We do not say it, says Mac Walters , director of the last Mass Effect Andromeda and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition , as well as narrative director in ME 2 and 3. Speaking to Business Insider, the veteran of BioWare has spoken about the cancellation of the Mass Effect movie that they announced 11 years ago with Legendary Pictures , where he also talks about his preferences for a possible adaptation of the saga.


The project was never resumed, and not for lack of tryingMac walters“We felt like we were fighting the saga,” says Walters of that canceled Mass Effect movie. “What story are we going to tell you in 90 to 120 minutes? Will we do it justice?” The BioWare team didn’t seem too keen on the movie idea a decade ago, and neither did Legendary Pictures itself. According to Walters, the production company underwent a change in its direction that made them want to focus on television more than film, and with this, those responsible for the project decided to start from scratch with Mass Effect, but “then, the project was never picked up after that, and not for lack of trying, “he adds.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Although that first attempt to bring Mass Effect to the movies or series was unsuccessful, Walters believes that an adaptation of Mass Effect ” is not a question of if it will happen, but of when . It is such a wide world, and so many people that I know from the world of cinema and television has asked me when are we going to do it, and saying that we have to do it “. Of course, the BioWare director believes that it would be appropriate to make a Mass Effect series rather than a feature film: “If you are going to tell a story as developed as Mass Effect, television is the right thing to do. It fits naturally with the episodic content “.


It is not a question of if it will happen, but of whenMac walters“When we develop a Mass Effect game, we have a structure, a general story that we want to tell, but each level or mission is like its own TV episode . They are not written ahead of time. They are written when we get to it. That adds up. to the main plot, and sometimes we make changes to it because of something we did in that episode. So the narrative in a long format is the right place for video game sagas . ” Will we ever have a Mass Effect series?


For now, BioWare seems to be clear that it is a matter of time before it happens, and in view of the clues offered by Henry Cavill , it would not be strange to hear about it in a few months. We remind you that this summer the new Resident Evil series will be released , while projects such as The Last of Us series with HBO, or even a Fallout series with Amazon continue in development . For its part, and returning to the games, on our website we offer you a complete analysis of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in case you have not yet launched into this remastering.


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