Why choose German as a second foreign language

Why choose German as a second foreign language

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Why choose German as a second foreign language
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Do you love German and want to become bilingual ? In this article, Superprof tells you about the ideal path to follow from a young age and gives you advice on how to become fully fluent in the language.


Why choose German as a second foreign language:

Most students choose English as their first foreign language at the institute. However, when it comes to choosing the second foreign language , there is often a hesitation between German and French.
Choosing German as a second language may be a good option for your future. First of all, there are 100 million German speakers around the world, so knowing how to speak German will give you an advantage in your future professional career. On the other hand, Germany is the most important economy in Europe and there are many German companies that need people who are fluent in the language.
Furthermore, German is the second most widely used language for transmitting information on the Web , especially in the scientific and research sector. The professions related to the Web are in full expansion, so it is a fact that can help you when choosing your professional career.
Economy, trade, diplomacy: Spain and Germany have many relationships!
Also, the conjugation and grammar of German will be of great help if you decide to study other foreign languages. In fact, it belongs to the Germanic language family, like the Scandinavian languages ​​or Dutch, for example. Therefore, it has a lot in common with these languages ​​and it will be easier for you to learn them.
Due to its reputation for being a difficult language, German is not the most preferred foreign language in Spain, so learning German and speaking it fluently will be an added value on your CV when you finish your studies. When looking for an internship or a job, HR managers will appreciate the difference.
Remember that, in fact, Germany is one of the most important economic and commercial partners of Spain. It is important that you think about your future, even before pursuing your higher studies. If you choose German as your second language in high school , you will have a lot of advantage!

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