Why did Allah choose the Arabic language?

Why did Allah choose the Arabic language?

That is a mystery! Is there Allah?: Why did Allah choose the Arabic language?

To begin with, Allah is a divinity who, in the Muslim religion, has no image, and surpasses the human. It is its creator, before whom it must submit, be subjugated (Islam, in Arabic, means submission).
In Cairo, many faithful come every day under these arches to worship Allah.
In the Arabic language, the writing of God is made up of the article “al” – ال -, which means “the”, and the Arabic word ” ilâh” – إِلَاه -, which means god.
The Qur’an recalls the strict uniqueness of the Muslim god, the monotheistic supremacy (the Tawid), but it was not always this way.
Despite being able to anger some, the term is not only linked to Islam: it was used by the Akkadians (for “Ilu”), Christian Arabs (for “Allaha”), pre-Islamic polytheistic Arabs and by Jews (for ” Elohim “).
Therefore there is not ONE god per religion, but a Semitic root common to the Islamic, Hebraic and Christian deities.

Surprising isn’t it?

It is said that Allah chose the Arabic language to make the believers and the faithful reason. Traditions and legends only involve those who believe them.
If we take a maxim of Achafi’i (772-826), a famous Muslim thinker: “The language that Allah chose is the Arabic language. He lowered his precious book (the Koran) into Arabic and made it the language of the last prophet. Therefore, it is the duty of all those capable of learning Arabic to learn it, because it is the first language. ”
It is undoubtedly because the Prophet Muhammad was of Arab origin and an Arabic speaker that the Qur’an was written in Arabic.
On the one hand to gather all the Muslims of the Arabian peninsula around the same spiritual leader – Allah – and on the other so that everyone can understand the word of Muhammad.
On the other hand, it was necessary at that time to convert the polytheists who worshiped gods associated with Allah. It is through this form of proselytism that the Arabic language served as a vehicle for the spread of Islam.
Learning Arabic to understand the Koran is therefore a key stage in Islamic training.
Classes in Koranic Arabic – classical literary Arabic – train students in the science of the Koran, as well as Arabic grammar and vocabulary.
Everything it takes to practice Islam!
They will discover that Arabic only has four vowels (A, E, I and U) and 24 consonants, and that with 3 consonants, a verb and various adjectives are constructed.
Finally, Arabic, it’s easy!
If you want to learn this language without going through the Arabic academy , private classes can be a good alternative.

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