Why do content marketing?

Why do content marketing?

One of the benefits of content marketing is that followers become customers

Why do content marketing?


Content marketing is a technique that involves the creation of content for a specific purpose, connecting with the ideal customer, in Inbound issues these content are also naturally designed to be of interest to you. It can be informative blog notes, making audiovisual pieces or entertainment content. But behind all that there must be good planning with your work team. And no, content marketing can not only be applied to large companies, it is adaptable, but it has organization as a synonym. 

Content marketing is an excellent way to also involve the user with your brand and create solid leads that can later become customers. But not everything is about sales in content marketing, even if it is one of its objectives, it is used to generate value for people and thus better the perception they have of your company. The generation of content is the bread and butter of emerging marketing, because the main idea is to generate business from the creation of solid and participatory communities. 

Small brands should thus focus on first getting noticed with unique features and creating unique opportunities for users who are recently linking to their product. Perhaps seen from this way, it is understood that community and a good product go hand in hand. As you grow as a company, you will realize the importance of relating in a good way with potential leads when obtaining them. Well, generating good relationships will be essential for your brand.

Why do content marketing

✓Because it is an opportunity to grow your business, 

✓It is a good advertising strategy.

✓Adds value to your brand,

✓ It allows you to be found organically and find leads, 

✓You are becoming a reference for certain types of content. 

In addition to all the above, content marketing is one of the best ways to create a successful experience for all potential buyers or interested in your services. Content marketing is a reference for good customer service, it is like being so well structured that you do not make your users have to work too much and you make the experience within your ecommerce or company always the best.

When referring to a complete experience from content marketing, it speaks for example of the complete explanation of your functions as a company, the products you offer, the accompaniment of a boot or even the creation of content for corporate blog for position yourself in search engines like Google. The latter can also be used to position specific items from your ecommerce or services that you offer in certain areas. 

Content Marketing for Business

Companies can apply content marketing in many ways and formats. If the main idea is to add value to your brand, you can create your own content such as blog posts or transmit thoughts by replicating other projects, these projects we will call curated content. The assessment of what content should be done more, is of course your own.

The more your own content you produce, the more opportunities you have to capture the user’s attention. Applying the pareto principle, the optimization of these content could be managed by 80-20, where own content is created at 20% and content cured at 80%. Of course, everything is optional, and the marketing strategy of each company, whether small or large, can be adapted as they deem more appropriate. 

Another clarification that could be made is what: You must lose the fear of praising the competition and discard the curated content for that reason. Looking at it from the human perspective, a person who only knows how to talk about the good that he does is not always the most loved by everyone. Well, it is possible to create an unpleasant image if you do not have empathy, even the largest companies come together to do fantastic things. And when mentioning the subject of empathy, it is also made reference to the fact that the content is always projected to the changes of humility, that constant transformation will show your brand as more realism. Insights are often used as a content marketing strategy to connect with the audience, for example. 

Why is it recommended to apply content marketing?

✓It is specialized content for your ideal client or audience, so using it is more likely to target the right people. 

✓The type of content you publish differentiates you from your competition, even if you make curated content and your own the quality of that will speak of what you are as a brand.

✓The content is directly influenced by the tastes and needs of the leads, so it is created to solve problems they may have.

✓Because it offers the opportunity to show your values ​​as a brand. 

How to apply content marketing to small businesses

Content marketing is not about improvisation, rather about planning a strategic calendar to achieve specific goals with your audience. In this way you can adapt it according to the size of your company and its needs without problems. So that you have a clearer idea of ​​how you could use it in your brand, I give you these points that you can take into account when creating your content marketing strategy:  

✓Always base on the knowledge of your audience, make sure you have the right keywords, have defined your ideal client and have a space on your pages dedicated to interaction with your community. In addition to that space, great ideas for content can come up. 

✓ Guide your objectives by short-term goals and guide yourself with metrics to constantly measure your performance. 

✓ Anticipate future scenarios and pay close attention to detail when creating content planning. Consider various scenarios. 

✓ Always remember that your content is always directed to your audience. 

✓If you have a good segmentation, it will be easier for you to reach the right people when promoting your brand. 

✓Make green content, topics that can always look fresh and people can consult whenever they can without making it out of date. 

Benefits of applying content marketing

  • Possibility of attracting better leads,
  • More possibility of sales,
  • A good quality of content,
  • Clarity in the objectives you want to achieve,
  • More possibilities of consolidation as an expert in something.

Putting content marketing into practice is possible in many types of company, ideal for creating closer relationships with leads. But defining what you want to achieve with the strategy you use will also help you see the process more clearly. With a content marketing strategy you can have more leads, sales, reduce promotion costs, market authority and even generate more traffic to your website. 

One thing that can also help after implementing a content marketing strategy is automation. This will help you speed up processes such as sending emails, managing greater flows of leads, scheduling the publication on social networks and finally making certain processes that are commonly used in content marketing more efficient.

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