Why learn to dance flamenco?

Why learn to dance flamenco?

Dancing, in addition to being an art, is a form of physical exercise, so it provides numerous benefits for the body, mind and soul.

Win in elegance: Why learn to dance flamenco?

When we imagine a bailaor or a bailaora, we see confident people who give off strength and character. And at the same time sensitivity and passion. The careful movement of the arms, hands and that deep expression on the face leaves us speechless.

Learning to dance flamenco supposes an improvement in posture . Positioning yourself correctly, stretching your arms and having your spine erect are among the first things to take into account in a flamenco class.

At a general level, you will see how you also gain elegance in your daily life.

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Increase flexibility: Why learn to dance flamenco?

Most of the dances help to strengthen our muscles and increase their flexibility. Thus, we will also give greater openness to our movements.

Doing flexibility exercises is part of the warm-up of a flamenco dance class, in order to avoid injuries and that our joints do not suffer. If you practice other types of dance, such as classical ballet or contemporary dance, it will help you improve in these disciplines.

When we talk about improving flexibility we refer to the whole body , from the legs to the arms, passing through the back.

And, of course, if you notice that a muscle or tendon hurts when stretching or during flamenco practice, stop and consult a professional. Sometimes when our body is warm we do not feel the pain so much and we can be crushing a muscle, joint or tendon, and later when we “cool down” we begin to feel a sharp pain.

Activate the brain

Going to flamenco classes is an excellent practice to develop creativity, since we let our body and mind flow. Dancing improves concentration, since we have to focus on how we move each part of our body and on reproducing certain steps.

Dancing oxygenates the brain and helps maintain memory.

Improve mood

Going to flamenco classes is a time to do an activity that we like and share that moment with other people who also have the same tastes.

The good thing about dancing flamenco
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So this moment helps us to disconnect from our daily chores, helps us to socialize and raises our spirits a little.

Keep culture

Flamenco, both dance and song, is a part of Spanish culture . By taking an interest in this discipline, we are receiving a cultural heritage and helping it to endure.

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