Xbox and Bethesda donate $ 10,000 in honor of Fallout 4’s beloved dog Meatball

Xbox and Bethesda donate $ 10,000 in honor of Fallout 4’s beloved dog Meatball

River, the dog who played the character, passed away at the end of June.

Fallout 4

Talking about the death of a dog is always something tragic, and more so when it comes to one as dear as this one. Meatball, the dog from Fallout 4, passed away last month . Or, to be more precise, it was River who left us a few weeks ago, the German shepherd who played the most beloved character in the RPG. Such is the affection that this character aroused among players, that Bethesda and Xbox have donated $ 10,000 to an animal shelter in his honor.


This was announced by the Redmond company, in a publication on social networks: ” Meatball forever . In honor of River, Xbox and Bethesda will donate 10,000 dollars to the Montgomery County Humane Society “, reads his message, before urging his followers to offer their own donations to this shelter that works in the rescue, care, medical attention and adoption of animals.



River was not Bethesda’s first choice when creating Meatball, explained developer Joel Burgess, its owner, when firing it. “We started by studying professional dogs, the kind you see in movies or train with the police,” Burgess recounted. But, as River attended the Fallout 4 team meetings, the studio ended up seeing her as the ideal candidate . To “a friend”, a traveling companion such as Meatball was later in the game.


Maybe Fallout 4 is not preferred delivery worldwide, but what is certain is that Meatball remain in the memories of their players. In fact, the character won the award for best video game dog in 2015 , in the fever of adding canine companions in all the major titles. If you never played his delivery, this is the analysis of Fallout 4 .


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