You can’t get this achievement on Steam and the reason contains a great story

You can’t get this achievement on Steam and the reason contains a great story

The indie title Where the Water Tastes Like Wine consciously included an achievement that would be impossible to achieve.

Wher the Water Tastes Like Wine is a unique 2019 standalone game . It is an abstract and difficult to classify work inspired by American folklore , the creator of Gone Home narrates the journey of some interesting characters in a narrative adventure set in the Great Depression , the protagonists will live their adventures sharing stories, discovering those of the unknown and surviving manifest destiny.

The last achievement of the game cannot be reachedSuch an original game should contain an equally surprising achievement and this is titled as the game itself; “Where the Water Tastes Like Wine”. Of the 38 achievements available to get on Steam in this game, players can only get 37, and is that “Where the Water Tastes Like Wine”, the last achievement of the game can not be achieved. This, beyond the curiosity that it supposes, contains an interesting story that the creator, Johnnemann Nordhagen , has told in an interview in Kotaku.


Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

There is no place in America where water tastes like wineThe whole game revolves around the vagabond who travels through America in the hope of reaching the promised land , the place where the water tastes like wine and from the premise and the name of the achievement, it might seem that it is something accessible, but nothing Further, the message Nordhagen wanted to convey with this achievement is that the United States promises a lot to the people, but often fails to deliver on those promises to the majority. The violation of indigenous lands, labor struggles and the reality that black life hid under the Jim Crow laws is present throughout the entire game and that is why for the author there is no place in America where water tastes like wine.

Although the author included this achievement with an intentionality, he was surprised by the reaction of many completionists and enthusiasts of the achievements, who suffered great frustration at the idea of ​​not being able to achieve 100% of them, responding even by abandoning the game or directly refusing to play it when they knew this data. Even people who admitted having enjoyed the game were unhappy with the title as they couldn’t get the latest achievement; Nordhagen speaks of a toxic culture in achievement and acknowledges that he was disappointed with the response he received from the community.

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