11 million Facebook accounts hacked in Spain: What you have to do

11 million Facebook accounts hacked in Spain: What you have to do

According to a website of spain In the last few hours, millions of Facebook accounts have been leaked in Spain. A very serious fact that we are going to talk to you about right now. 11 million Facebook accounts hacked in Spain it’s really bad. 

As reported by Alon Gal , co-founder of the Israeli cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock , this past Saturday 11 million Facebook accounts of users in Spain have been leaked. But not everything stops there, since we would also be talking about international accounts reaching 533 million from 106 countries, among which is the United States with 32 million or the United Kingdom with 11 million in addition to those that we have told you about Spain .

The full names, phone numbers, identity documents, address and other data of all those users of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network would have been leaked.

Several American journalists have verified that all this information has been published on a hacker portal in exchange for digital payments. From Facebook they assure that the information they have managed to extract is not new, even some is not functional today, and that it would have a lot to do with the security problem that occurred in 2019.

Everything that has happened is similar to what has been happening a few months ago on the network with a bot that was capable of obtaining millions of users’ phones that it later offered in exchange for payment, information that was released by the Motherboard portal. Now it seems that other sensitive data such as names, biographies or email addresses among others are also being added with this new security problem.

What can we do?

At this point, the best we can do to protect our Facebook account and thus also our privacy is to change the password of the social network and establish two-step authentication, a much more secure method.

In any case, if in the next few days we receive a message, either by SMS or by email from Facebook, allowing us to recover our password, the best we can do is check that there is nothing strange in these notices, because we may be falling into a system of phishing, ie, the way they have many hackers to get our passwords and therefore access to our account.

At the slightest doubt, we must close that message and go ourselves to change the Facebook password, without our checking of SMS. 

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