21 apps to edit vertical videos, add effects, filters and more

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21 apps to edit vertical videos, add effects, filters and more

We bring you a collection of 19 applications to edit vertical videos , adding effects, filters and everything you need to give them your personal touch. In the past we have already brought you lists of the best video editors in general, where we included editors for mobile phones , but today we are going to focus on those for mobile and PC specific for vertical videos.

In this list we are going to order the editors in alphabetical order, mixing those that are for mobile and those for computer. You will find two types, those that offer professional editing options and those that seek entertainment with an assortment of effects and filters with which to change the appearance of your videos.

These types of lists are complicated, as lesser-known applications may always be left out. Therefore, as we always do in Xataka Basics, if you know other alternatives, we invite you to share them with everyone in the comments section , so that all our readers benefit from your experience and knowledge.

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A Color Story: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

And we are going to start with an application that focuses on filters for videos. Therefore, it is not an application with great editing options, although it has the basic ones, but one with which you can apply a large number of filters to give them a different and unique look.

It also allows you to save your edits as filters to use them again, and although many filters are paid, it does have a good collection of free ones. It also adds effects, and the possibility of cropping the videos so you can see how they will look on different social networks.

ActionDirector: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

A vertical format video editing application, with many editing options, although with a freemium mode with limited options unless you pay. For example, you can only export clips with resolutions of 720p or 480p and between 24 and 30 frames per second, also having a watermark. If you pay their subscription of 4.29 euros per month, the watermark disappears and the resolution goes up to 1080p.

Among your options is to create a video by combining photos and videos, as well as dozens of filters and transitions to choose from. Unfortunately not all filters are going to be free. Video editing is relatively easy, with a timeline where clips follow each other and a clear button to assign transitions between clips. These clips can be adorned with effects, texts and stickers and even applied “beauty mode”.

Clips: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

As you have seen a little above, in this list you will see some exclusive applications for Android. However, Clips is an app created by Apple exclusively for iOS , and is used to edit videos horizontally, vertically or however you want. And the truth is that with it, it is not too necessary to go to third-party applications.

It is a casual video editing application, focused on video effects that you can add to your creations, from pixelated to using your emojis as faces. In addition, you can also add animated texts, insert photos and stickers, put music and more. It is available for iPhone and iPad.

DaVinci Resolve: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

It is one of the best professional video editors that you can find on Windows, and among its many options is that of allowing you to edit videos vertically . It has a free version with tools for editing processes, visual effects, graphic animations, color grading and audio post-production in a single application.

Of course, if you are a professional you should know that its paid version costs 269 euros, and that it adds to the free version a neural engine, collaboration options, stereoscopic tools, dozens of ResolveFX and FairlightFX add-ons, HDR grading and graininess effects , blur and fog. However, the free one is already a good starting point for your home editions.

FilmoraGo: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

A very powerful video editing application for your mobile, with the classic drawback that there is a limited free version, and that if you want to remove advertising or watermarks, you will have to go through the box as in most cases. However, it has a good list of quite interesting options.

It has a video editor with double capture, to use two videos at the same time, with an intuitive design, and an editor that allows you to adjust the image and trim, divide or join your videos. You can rotate the videos, make them play backwards, and add a large number of video effects , music from your own library or voice-overs.

The best free apps and tools for Windows 10 in 2020: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

Funimate: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

A mobile video editing application that seeks to allow you to have fun when editing your videos with your mobile, although in a basic and simple way. It is not a powerful editor like the one you can find on the desktop, but rather something ideal for those small videos that you may want to create to upload later to social networks. In fact, it seems to focus a lot on the philosophy of networks like TikTok.

Its creation process is quite simple, and includes several filters and transitions, with the possibility of adding texts. In any case, as we have told you, it is more for small editions of social networks than to start editing videos seriously.

Google Photos: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

Google Photos is a very popular application, and it includes a simple video editor . You can edit a particular video, or create a video using various others. However, do not expect much because it is quite simple, although it allows the editing and creation of videos in vertical format.

Simply, you will be able to add all the photos and videos you want and decide how long each one is shown in the final composition. You can also add background music or remove the sound. And that’s it. The good thing is that it’s easy to use and free, and the bad thing is that you can’t do more than a few basic comps with it.

InShot: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

The InShot editor is one of the most complete and best valued that you will find, although from the beginning it can be blamed for the excess of interest in monetizing the application, with excessive advertising. The clips you choose to compose your video are shown below, and it offers basic functions such as trimming, adding texts, music or voice-over. You can also change the speed, and use filters that can be free or paid.

It has versions for Android and iOS, and allows you to export videos at custom resolutions, which can go up to 1080p. His obsession with advertising has both negative and positive aspects. On the one hand, there are functions that you can only use if you see ads, and on the other … one of those functions is the ability to remove the watermark.

KineMaster: 21 apps to edit vertical videos,

KineMaster is a video editor that has a horizontal interface, but with which you can also create and edit videos vertically . It stands out because it allows you to create several layers with clips, texts, stickers, effects or doodles. It looks very similar to desktop editors, so if you are not comfortable with interfaces adapted to mobile phones it can be interesting to use.

What we have said about layers means that you can put one clip on top of another, creating a peculiar effect. The bad news is that it has a fairly high price of 4.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros per year. In its free version you will have a watermark and limited options.


OpenShot Video Editor is a video editor focused on the most serious and professional editions, and it has versions for Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux. By default it will convert vertical videos into horizontal ones, but you can change its video profile to choose vertical formats, so that you can work with them and export the results also in vertical format.

It has several functions, such as the ability to drag content within the interface to import it, add watermarks, resize clips, cut, rotate or add transitions. It also allows you to add 3D effects, subtitles, time-map clips, and edit their sound. Come on, a fairly complete option.


It is a powerful mobile video editing application, available for Android and iOS. When you open it, the first thing it asks you is the format in which you want to create a video, which can be 16: 9 (horizontal) or 9:16 (vertical). Once this is chosen, it is an app that tries to imitate the interface of PC video editors , so that it is not difficult to control.

It is relatively easy to position clips on the timeline, add text and image overlays, effects, and transitions when switching from one clip to another. It’s also easy to zoom a recorded clip horizontally so that it fills the entire vertical window.


For me, this is my reference video editor, and among its many options is to edit videos vertically as if you were doing it vertically. It is a fairly generic computer application, in the sense that it does not focus so much on effects as on a more general editing of the video, being able to trim, change sizes, and edit it in various aspects. It is a program for PC, with versions for Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux.

It allows taking screenshots, audio and webcam, streaming over the network, and supports resolutions up to 4K. It also offers a modular interface with panels that you can dock and undock, including those for file properties, playlist with thumbnails, history or encoding. It also allows drag-n-drop to add content.

Videoleap Editor

It is a very intuitive editor that allows you to upload several videos at the same time, cut them easily, and create your compositions with them. In this case, it is a tool very focused on getting quite visual videos with multiple effects of all kinds.

You have options such as frame animation or composition on chroma screens. You can also add filters and transition effects, as well as sound and visual effects . Like many of these programs, it has a limited free mode, to try it out, and if you later want to go further, you will have to checkout for its paid version.


It is one of the best editors with a free version that you can find, and which we have talked about on other occasions. Here you have it because it also allows you to edit videos vertically ,in addition to its options to add combinable transitional effects, and it allows you to decorate your videos with different brightness, saturation and color settings. Of course, its big problem is that to export videos you will have to pay.

The application also has various export functions, allowing you to burn your finished videos to DVD, save them to your hard drive in a variety of formats, or share them directly on Facebook or YouTube. It also has some presets to adapt it to different mobile players.

The best free apps and tools for macOS in 2020


This is a mobile app that may not be so well known, but it offers many options for your vertical videos. 21 apps to edit vertical videos, It allows you to add music from your mobile or from the app’s own library, 21 apps to edit vertical videos, cut out parts of a video, and add sound effects to your videos to make them a little more striking. Of course, the free version is limited to encourage users to go to the paid version.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

It also allows you to create fast or slow motion effect, change the contrast, saturation and brightness of a video,21 apps to edit vertical videos, and join multiple videos into a single file. You can also add animated captions and texts , filters and transitions, and add a narration voice. The app even has the possibility of being able to export your videos directly to social networks.21 apps to edit vertical videos,


It is a mobile video editor with a freemium philosophy, which offers you its main options in the free version with ads, 21 apps to edit vertical videos, but others such as removing watermarks or removing ads are available only for paid users. However, it offers you a large number of free themes to decorate your vertical video ,21 apps to edit vertical videos, as well as being able to export the videos in HD.

VideoShow also has a good number of effects to add to videos, although their quality is not always the best, there are some very interesting ones. It also has a host of transitions, and the option to zoom to fit a horizontal video to fill the entire screen in portrait format.21 apps to edit vertical videos,


VivaVideo is one of the most popular mobile video editors you can find, and even if you haven’t heard much about it, it has millions and millions of downloads. It focuses on allowing you to add effects to videos , along with other simple editing options.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

It has a freemium mode, where the basic functions are free and there are some others that are paid. It lets you join video clips, add special effects to your video, and choose from eye-catching transitions to switch from one clip to another. The original video must be vertical in order to create a vertical video without problems.21 apps to edit vertical videos,


This mobile application is an alternative to Instagram, but you can also use it as a photo and video editor with which to save the results and upload them to other platforms.21 apps to edit vertical videos,  It is specialized in the application of filters, with which to give your creations a different and unique touch of color using its presets.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

Its editor is basic in the free version, having to resort to payment to get the most out of it. 21 apps to edit vertical videos, You can also create moving collages by overlaying videos, images, and shapes , adjusting the opacity of any overlay media you add.21 apps to edit vertical videos,


VSDC is one of the few totally free video editors that specializes in allowing you to create a new project with custom resolution and properties. In other words,21 apps to edit vertical videos,  you can work directly with vertical videos without the need for unnecessary inventions or rotations, although it is only available for Windows.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

The program has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions , 21 apps to edit vertical videos, so it doesn’t matter how old your PC is to be able to use it. Its interface is quite current, although its large number of options can be overwhelming. It allows you to add texts and objects, choose transitions and add effects to video and sound. It also has easy export to social media, motion capture, and even 360-degree video editing. Its mode is limited free with the option to buy the Pro version.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

The best free applications and tools for GNU / Linux in 2020


Another exclusive app for iOS, one that has several thousand votes in the app store with a score of 4.9 out of 5. It is one of the best video editors you can find, and allows you to edit videos vertically . 21 apps to edit vertical videos, It has a limited free version and options that are only available in the paid one. Come on, normal in these types of applications.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

It is a very complete and easy-to-use application that even has a native video recording option. You also have all the basic video editing options in any app, including the ability to add transitions or change their size,21 apps to edit vertical videos, and it has a collection of filters that you can apply to give your creation a different look. You can also add music or texts, and share it on social networks.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

And from an exclusive app for iOS to another for Android. This is a fairly basic video editor, but it has the advantage of allowing you to export them without a watermark in its free version. In addition, 21 apps to edit vertical videos, it has a perfect option for Instagram users, such as adapting your video to the aspect ratio of the social network.21 apps to edit vertical videos,

In its editing options you have the cuttings, rotation and basic color corrections of all the apps. You can also manipulate the speed of the footage , add music, and put filters on it. You can also rotate images, create slide partitions, and merge two videos into one.21 apps to edit vertical videos,


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