40 Best and Original ideas for business Keyword= ideas for business

40 Best and Original ideas for business

40 Best and Original ideas for business:  ideas for business

40 Best and Original ideas for business
40 Best and Original ideas for business

How to get the most out of these ideas: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

The ideas that we present below may seem more or less original, everything will depend on the country where you live, if you are from a big city, a small town or rural areas, but the main objective is to know how to take each idea and “spice it up” with a powerful dose of imagination and creativity. ideas for business

Choose the ones you like the most and take some time to think about how you could improve them and thus create a highly innovative, attractive and profitable venture from them. ideas for business

For this we invite you to “think” or “reflect” ideas, include going without fear outside the limits of what is already known, breaking with the per-established, with what exists, with what “should be like that”, cheer up to create things that do not exist, that nobody thought about. It’s not that difficult, try it. ideas for business

ideas for business If you manage to develop a good idea, you may think the following:

– “If my idea did not occur to other experts than me, it is because it should not work.”

– “If it worked, someone would already have thought of it.”

If the world worked like this, we would still ride in horse-drawn carts, or we would still think that the earth is flat, or that it is the center of the universe and everything revolves around it. Go ahead and carry out your excellent idea and persevere until you reach it, if you are convinced that it will work.

What do you think? We believe that you are a great entrepreneur, and that as such, you will be able to achieve what you set out to do. Dare to create original businesses from these ideas.

40 Best and Original ideas for business  1 – WORK ONLINE FROM HOME!:

Is it possible to work from home? Is it a dream that can come true? Can we earn enough money to live, meet our needs and much more? ideas for business

ideas for business Surely the answer to all these questions is “YES”, it is possible to transform that dream into reality, in fact many in the world ARE ALREADY DOING IT and enjoying it. Thousands of people are doing it right now and you can be one of them. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, it doesn’t matter how old you are. ideas for business

ideas for business New technologies have made it possible, and we are not talking about unattainable technologies, we refer to the fact that with a simple Internet connection, a personal computer and some of the excellent offers to work from home that exist in the market are enough to undertake a business with which to earn the money you need to live and much more. ideas for business

If you want to know more about the advantages of working from home visit our website: ideas for business


There are already companies that are manufacturing small chips or devices for tracking and locating objects based on satellite location technology GPS The system offers the exact coordinates of the vehicle or object, ideas for business with a margin of error of 10 to 15 meters .

These devices are currently expensive, ideas for business but still it is a worthwhile investment if it is to protect valuable objects such as cars, paintings, jewelry, electronic devices such as plasma televisions, notebooks and even people to avoid kidnapping of relatives of people wealthy, etc ..
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 3 – MAKE MONEY INVESTING IN THE FOREX MARKET FROM YOUR HOME!: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

Anyone from anywhere in the world, from home with a computer and an internet connection, can trade, buy or sell currencies and make a profit on the Forex currency market. ideas for business

As you may have already read in other articles on our website, Forex is a Foreign Exchange market where currencies are bought or sold in order to obtain profits by taking advantage of the fluctuations in the values ​​of some with respect to others. It is the largest financial market in the world, and it is a very important option to consider if what you are looking for are high-return investments. ideas for business

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 4 – RENTAL OF INFLATABLE CASTLES, ball pools and annexes.: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

The rental of inflatable castles and annexes for children’s parties is a very simple undertaking, with a very rapid spread and growth. ideas for business

ideas for business Imagine that you manage to rent your castle for the first time, on a birthday attended by 10, 20 or 30 children, if your service, price and treatment

With the client they are excellent, you will have 10, 20 or 30 new birthdays, with 10, 20 or 30 new children every birthday! It’s that simple. ideas for business

Why? Each child will want to have that inflatable castle on their birthday to receive their classmates and have fun with them, their parents will ask your first client, how is the service, how many hours he rented it, at what price, etc. ideas for business If you know how to take advantage of this opportunity providing excellent service, very soon you will have a large number of calls requesting your castle.

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In the field of Packaging, there is a marked increase in demand for ecological packaging, that is to say that they are recyclable, inexpensive and their manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment. ideas for business

There are several fields in this branch of the industry that can become very good businesses:

1 – Design of original and creative packaging, with ecological materials. ideas for business

There are tens of thousands of products in supermarkets and shops in general that hope to attract the customer’s attention compared to other competitors. Many small industries are neither able nor profitable to have departments or staff to carry out the task of researching, designing and developing suitable packaging for their products. ideas for business

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ideas for business Telling stories to children or grandchildren is one of the most wonderful acts that a father, mother, or grandparents can do. It is a unique experience that not only helps to powerfully develop the imagination, creativity and intelligence of children, but is an ideal tool to strengthen the bonds between parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren, transmit joy, fun, self-confidence and above all instill good values ​​such as: courage, courage, strength,

ideas for business truth, honesty, respect, fidelity, friendship, austerity, work, love for others, love for animals and nature, optimism, etc., so necessary in our current society.

It has also been proven that everything that stories and stories for children can transmit, they do so with greater force when the child is and / or feels the protagonist of it. ideas for business

ideas for business But unfortunately, it is a custom that over time is being forgotten. Very few people have time to stop in their lives to tell a story to a child or a grandchild.

The stories, stories, comics can include images in which the child’s photo does not necessarily appear, but his name is found in the text. Images can prevail , and the photograph of their face obtained through a scanner, can be incorporated into drawn bodies. Or it can be full-length photography inserted into the scenes.

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In less developed countries, more and more citizens emigrate to other more developed countries in search of new horizons, greater economic security for themselves or their families.

Sometimes they also do it because their jobs, professions or need for training demand it.

But in all cases detaching from the land and the culture that saw them born (City, region, country) and leaving for distant lands, to societies with very different customs from those they always knew and breathed is a very strong and painful experience.

An excellent idea to accompany these people, make them feel closer to their roots and cultures and in turn generate an excellent source of income, is to bring them through the internet elements of their culture, of the land where they were born.

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Many times we find that we want to make a special gift, for a person or on a special occasion. Exquisite chocolates, an excellent wine or an expensive champagne, a fine jewel, etc. But we can’t find the right way to present it, to make it look at its best, or to make the impact we want. That is what this venture is about, to develop, manufacture and market gift boxes that IMPACT externally, just by looking at them, beyond what is given.

This word should be on a large poster in the room where the entrepreneur will design these packaging, and he should read it every time he imagines or designs each part of the cases, that is what they should generate. The entrepreneur must put his imagination into play to develop truly unusual and creative cases, where once used they can even be used as an ornament.

The secret of success will also be that they are not too expensive, so it is convenient to use these packages instead of the conventional boxes wrapped in gift paper with bows.

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 9 – Sale of articles and products of ecological gardening

The proliferation of private neighborhoods and country clubs and the growing trend towards gardening and gardening generate a significant increase in green spaces, gardens, orchards, etc. , creating a new and interesting market: The home sale of products and articles for gardening.

At the same time, society in general is increasingly inclined, and with just cause, towards the use of ecological products, which do not harm the environment and are not toxic or dangerous for people. In gardening, this factor takes on special importance, since many people turn to this activity as a hobby, to relax, reconnect with nature, share family moments or bring young children to new and natural experiences.

But everyone faces a big obstacle: handling chemical fertilizers or conventional toxic pesticides to control pests in their gardens, gardens or indoor plants, is very dangerous, annoying and extremely uncomfortable.

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 10 – Buying and selling of used items

Not only in countries with economic problems has there been a consumer inclination towards this type of products, it has also occurred in countries such as Spain and others in Europe.

Those who own this type of business assure that many times the profit margins can reach and even exceed 100%. The stores dedicated to this type of article can specialize in specific areas, such as: Children’s articles, clothing for adolescents and adults, music, electronics, computers, sports, jewelry, appliances, strange products, antiques, military delays, etc.

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 11 – Advertising agency for flyers, brochures or leaflets

The rise of micro-enterprises and SMEs generates a new and interesting market, that of low-cost advertising while remaining effective. Many SMEs and micro-enterprises, when they start, do not find an easy way to make themselves known as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible, because they cannot have the staff or structure for this need.

The micro-entrepreneur must generally concentrate fully on his entrepreneurship, finding it extremely difficult to start thinking about another activity totally different from what he is starting, which is the advertising of his business, which is why many times the development of the business is successfully achieved. , but it fails when trying to make it known.

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In most cities, the business of selling organic, ecological or biological food through commercial premises has not yet been imposed.

Obtaining foods of this type, whether they are called organic, ecological or biological means, among other things, producing them without using any type of petrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, insecticides or toxic herbicides, but respecting nature, its cycles, its processes, its laws, in order to obtain a product that is truly and authentically healthy and natural at its source.

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Although this term sounds a bit unpleasant, caring with love and tenderness for the children of mothers who must go out to work outside the home is not. On the contrary, it is a very important and essential mission in today’s societies. Are you a mom who needs a job but doesn’t want to leave your children alone? Do you necessarily have to work but do not resign yourself to wasting precious time with your children, accompanying them in their education, etc.? That means you understand the value of children, and you have a great love for children.

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This is a business that can be done with very little investment, and the sale can be done easily.

Car flavorings are generally small, and the automotive products and services businesses in any city are very numerous .

This means that you can carry out a study of existing car fragrances on the market, , and try to create one or an improved line, more striking, with a better design, with new colors, etc ,. your powerful imagination should come into play here.

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 15 – Sell ethnic crafts from distant cultures

There is a well-known phrase that says, “No one is a prophet in his land,” but what does this phrase have to do with this idea? . That, unfortunately, does not seem to be a very good business to sell handicrafts of aborigines or original inhabitants in the same place where they are produced. But… What would happen if you set up a local for the sale of African aboriginal handicrafts in Latin America, or in Europe for Latin American aborigines? . Collectors, lovers and scholars of other cultures, especially the original cultures of each country or continent will pay anything for these wonderful objects hand-carved by the descendants of those who first inhabited every part of the world. The world is full of people who value and love aboriginal, primitive, original cultures, and collect or study objects from them.

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 16 – Sales through auction sites on the internet

The Internet auction business is all the rage around the world because anyone can buy and sell whatever they want, at great prices, from the comfort of their own home. But what can you buy and sell? The answer is: EVERYTHING, everything you can think of:

1 – New or used articles, own or of third parties.

2 – Things that you have in disuse in your home or that others have and you offer to sell them.

3 – Lags of your company or business or other companies.

4 – Stock surplus. of your company, business, or others.

5 – Crafts that you can buy or make with your own hands (See previous idea)

6 – New or used books. Try to know at the level of your country, which are the most sold or requested books and offer them on these sites.

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 17 – Radio classifieds

Although the market is practically saturated with classified ads, whether they are published in newspapers, printed newsletters with advertising, or on the Internet, there is a place where it has not yet been exploited much, and in the few places where it is. It has done, it has been incredibly successful, why? Because they are much more effective, they are much more read? Seen? No! Heard! It’s about posting classified ads through local radios.

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 18 – Disco for seniors

90% of marriages made up of people over 50 years old, (which make up a very large number) complain of not having a place to go to dance like when they were young, remember old times and good music from other times. They only have to attend the occasional party with friends, sometimes boring dinners or outings to restaurants that do not always add something new to their lives, precisely at a stage where they once again have the possibility of going out alone without worries (the children are already large) and need both to renew their lives and to get out of the routine.

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 19 – Emergencies for home repairs

Contrary to what many think, owning a home repair and maintenance company does not require knowledge of the field. That is, for you to have a company of this type, it is not necessary that you know about electricity, plumbing, masonry, etc., since you can create an agency that is in charge of connecting the client, with the appropriate professional, according to the problem. you have, either in a conventional situation or in an emergency.

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 20 – Dictate courses on care and beauty for pets

The pet services business has become impressive all over the world. No entrepreneur in search of opportunities should overlook this area, which we will also complete with other ideas later on as they have asked us to do so.

Although the exact figures of the pet business in Latin America are not known, in the United States there is talk of about 30,000 million dollars a year. No wonder there are many interested in the subject. If it is known that in Latin America the growth of this sector is very important as well.

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 21 – Manufacture and / or sale of folding furniture for homes and small apartments

One of the biggest problems faced by the millions of people who live in small apartments in buildings is the use of space in their homes.

An excellent business opportunity with millions of potential customers is to manufacture, or have folding furniture manufactured and sold for this market segment. You do not necessarily have to know carpentry to make furniture, you can look for ideas in home decoration magazines, trade fairs, etc. design them and have them manufactured by professionals.

A material that makes it possible to manufacture modern, beautiful, functional and economical furniture of this type in a very easy way are Melamine plates, boards or tables, also known as Fibrosis. It is the material from which most computer tables are made. These plates are covered by plates that simulate woods such as cedar, oak, mahogany, carob, etc. . They are very beautiful and easy to cut and work with.

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Not all problems and concerns that pregnant women have have to do with their physical condition, their health or that of the baby. According to statistics, one of the biggest problems for women in this special stage of their lives is related to their physical appearance, specifically with the impossibility of getting suitable clothes to be fashionable or not to stop feeling sexy and attractive.

For every woman, this stage should be unforgettable in every aspect, so helping them show off their pregnancy and enjoy it is an excellent idea. Very few have ventured into this endeavor and it is an excellent market segment to consider.

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The sale of products through vending or automatic machines is known as “Vending” and the operation of this type of machine is an excellent opportunity for self-employment.

Depending on the investment capacity you have, you can buy or rent them, this last option is the best to start with, but once you have learned its secrets, you will have more profitability with the first option. These machines can be used to sell innumerable amount of products such as: soft drinks, snacks, chips, coffee, sandwiches, newspapers, magazines, sweets, dried fruits, snacks, ice cream, videos, etc. Although the star is still the coffee.

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 24 – Computing / computing courses at home

If you are passionate about and master computing, if you have taken courses and have experience in Windows management, spreadsheets, word processors, databases, you can generate an interesting business teaching home computing. this service would be appropriate. There are many men and women who have a very vague knowledge about CP management and need to take courses to train but find it very difficult to attend institutes or centers that teach courses for different reasons:

– Elderly people who want to learn and cannot move for physical reasons.

– People with different abilities.

– Businessmen or women who need to deepen their knowledge but their work prevents them from dedicating time to attend courses.

– Pregnant women.

– People with motor problems.

– In large cities, for adults, young people and children who for safety reasons should learn at home.

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 25 – Digital Photographer

Just as there are conventional photographers, now there are photographers of the computer age: “Digital Photographers”, a service in high demand. This is without a doubt an exciting activity with limitless possibilities. No person who wants to dedicate himself to a job that allows his imagination and creativity to develop and play should ignore this idea. First and foremost, you should take a basic photography course, to know the fundamental aspects of this profession, but also, to know the management of graphic design and image processing software. In any center of dictation of courses you will be able to learn to use them easily and quickly. You must have a digital camera, scanner, and a high definition printer.

What can a digital photographer do? Infinity of things, here we will only mention a few:

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 26 – Recreation Center for Pets

As we explained in previous newsletters, the pet business continues to grow impressively, especially in large cities. The numerous inquiries we receive about business for this segment also confirm this trend. If you are looking for a business in this area, here is an idea that is gaining more and more followers:

If you live in a big city and have a large piece of land or if you can rent it or associate with a friend or acquaintance who has it, you can create an interesting recreation center for pets. In big cities, pets have the same problem as people: Lack of outdoor space for recreation, especially those that live in apartment buildings. Pet owners recognize their need for space, and would give anything to see them happy running through green spaces and playing with others.

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 27 – Super attractive product displays

An idea that could be of great interest to both large, medium and small companies that display their products in shopping malls, super and hypermarkets, exhibitions, and large shopping centers where the large amount of merchandise makes it difficult to distinguish some items from others, is the design and construction of super attractive displays for products or merchandise.

What would this mean? Well, create displays that amid the immensity and diversity of products of a large shopping center attract attention to one in particular in an extraordinary way. That customers, when looking for a specific product and reaching the area where they are, distinguish and be impacted by an exhibitor where the product they need is, eclipsing the others of the same type but different brand.

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 28 – Tell-secretary or virtual office

If you have trained or have worked as a secretary in a company, don’t worry so much about looking for work, generate it yourself.

Companies, rather than hiring personnel that entail unpredictable costs and risks, should hire services that replace these personnel.

The Secretary service will not only allow you to generate your own job right now, work from home, or from the place that you have conditions for it, but you will also be able to work with several companies at the same time and provide a very interesting and little exploited service .

What benefit do companies that hire this service obtain?

Above all, a better, more personal and more professional attention to its clients, thus improving its relationship with them, achieving new sales and business opportunities, gaining space in the face of errors in customer service from the competition, increasing customer service hours., which is attended by the undersecretaries, beyond the usual working hours of the company. To have several essential services to enter the competitive world of today’s companies with minimal cost and risk.

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 29 – Automotive mechanical emergency: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

For many people and companies it is very important to have the telephone number of a service that will solve the problems in your car in the most unexpected moments:

Just before leaving for work, or traveling, or before an important appointment, when leaving a restaurant, the cinema or the theater, in the middle of a torrential rain.

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 30 – GROWING AND SALE OF EDIBLE FUNGI: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

The cultivation of edible mushrooms is very simple, requires a relatively low investment, does not require specialization, so any man or woman can start in this endeavor and it can be grown in relatively small places.

Although there are a large number of varieties of edible mushrooms in Latin America, the most commercialized are the Mushroom, the Pergola, Prometheus, among others. Its uses are multiple, and its market is very broad, exceeding demand over supply at this time, that is to say, it is a market that is not yet saturated.

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 31 – INFLATABLE ADVERTISING FIGURES: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

An interesting way to help companies to publicize their products at fairs and exhibitions, or to attract the eyes of pedestrians to commercial premises, is to install large or impressive-looking inflatable advertising figures in front of them. These figures can have various shapes, such as cartoon characters, for business cases of children’s products such as toy stores, bookstores, gift shops, supermarkets, biscuits, children’s clothing stores. Or giant figures in the shape of a product that you want to highlight or promote in all kinds of places.

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 32 – COMPUTER REPAIR: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

The computer repair service for companies and for the home is no longer such an original business, but it is still in great demand, so we were interested in mentioning it for all those who are attracted to the world of hardware, they can transform that passion into a interesting business. Contrary to what is believed, the vast majority of computer users are not aware that, to keep their equipment at an optimal level of operation, they must perform simple monthly maintenance such as:

Disk fragmentation, temporary file removal, virus check, antivirus update. In addition, in the home, a cleaning and control of peripherals should be carried out on a semi-annual basis, in companies on a monthly basis, although in reality these times depend more on the level of use that is given to the equipment .

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 33 – SALE OF DIET PRODUCTS: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

Different news sources have already announced that obesity and overweight within a few years will transform, without exaggeration, into a true epidemic, as important as the most dangerous and threatening of today, producing a large number of deaths per year due to heart problems and hypertension, as well as very important losses for the countries in terms of health expenses.

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In previous bulletins we have talked about the ease of building furniture in melamine or fibrillation, a material that is found in carpentry. Those used to build furniture are thicknesses ranging from 1 centimetre to 3 or four according to the necessary robustness. But carpentry also have plates of this material in thicknesses of 0.5 centimetres and less, these are very interesting to make beautiful crafts in a very simple way, you only need a jigsaw , which can be manual to shape the material and make spectacular creations such as figures, animal shapes, people, letters for names, shapes of products that you want to promote, and whatever imagination dictates and ingenuity discovers.

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 35 – LOW COST AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH FROM RADIO CONTROLLED AIRCRAFT: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

If you are attracted to or passionate about radio controlled model aircraft, you can transform this hobby into an original endeavor in which you will have practically no competition since you will be a true pioneer on the subject. In many places in the US and other developed countries, this service is very common, but rarely seen in Latin American countries.

Many companies, organizations, institutions, municipalities need aerial photographs of their facilities, headquarters, regions or cities, areas affected by disasters, floods, fires, etc. Many individuals may be interested in having an aerial photograph of their house, their fields, ranches, farms, etc. Police forces may require this service to obtain aerial photographs of inaccessible areas, to control and prevent illegal activities. Surveyors and architects require them for a greater knowledge and a broader view of the areas where they must work.

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 36 – Regional educational tourism: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

In most cities, large or small, there are already a large number of organic producers, ecological farms, or that use some type of alternative energy source such as windmills to generate electricity or work, bio gas generators, solar energy, establishments that carry out alternative or non-traditional ventures, etc.

A very interesting service for schools, universities, educational institutions in general, is to be able to carry out an educational circuit to know these establishments, technologies and enterprises, through someone who has knowledge of the existence of all these farms and producers that are in a certain region, and have or can hire a vehicle to carry out said circuit.

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 37 – School transport for rural areas: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

From the beloved country of Venezuela, María Rosa Martinez tells us how she was able to transform a problem into a profitable service that did not exist where she lived, and as far as we can see, it does not exist almost anywhere.

Maria Rosa lived in a city and enjoyed accompanying her children to school every day, a task that took only a few minutes since the establishment was only a few blocks from her home. His children also enjoyed and appreciated this gesture from their mother.

One day, for reasons of her husband’s work, they were forced to move to a rural area, far from the city. Sending the children to school became a real problem, and a high cost for the family, since it meant traveling several kilometres a day.

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 38 – Childcare in gyms, clubs and training centers: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

Many women with children complain that they must deprive themselves of many activities because they do not have someone to leave their young children with.

Activities that are often important such as attending a gym to lose weight, regain physical condition or form, attend training courses, etc.

Gyms, clubs, and training centers, for this same reason lose a good number of customers. Therefore, they will also be interested in the idea that we will propose below.

Create a venture that installs nurseries for children in clubs, gyms, and training centers, which take care of young children while their mothers do gymnastics in sight of them, or take the course they so much desire in the vicinity of their children.

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 39 – Development of small websites for SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

If you are passionate about the Internet and dream of being a great webmaster, you may not have to wait too long. Both large companies and the smallest micro-entrepreneurs need in the same way to have a website on the Internet to publicize their products or services. But unlike large companies, micro-entrepreneurs cannot pay large sums of money to a webmaster to develop an impressive website for them. Nor can they tie themselves to hefty monthly payments to keep them.

An interesting service for small companies that want to discover the experience of owning a website, or for micro-entrepreneurs who want to make their projects known to the world, look for partners, financing, etc. is to develop very simple websites that detail, for example, the history of the SME or micro enterprise, products or services it offers, characteristics, qualities and prices of the same, some photographs, and contact information with the person in charge or owner.

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 40 – Original gifts for babies: 40 Best and Original ideas for business

Thinking of a gift for a newborn, for their parents, why not for their grandparents, for a baptism, or for other important stages in the life of a baby, is not an easy task, it is not always easy to get a suitable gift to affordable prices.

On the other hand, those of us who are parents know that when we find beautiful or attractive gifts or objects that can draw a smile on the face of our babies or can illuminate their eyes or create fascination in their mind, helping to develop their imagination in such an important stage and decisive as the first months of life are, we only think about buying it.

Specializing in making beautiful and original gifts for the different stages of the life of babies, and creating a store that offers them (real or virtual) can be a very interesting, original and highly profitable business.

These stages can range from when the woman finds out that she is going to be a mother, to the first steps of the baby, that is, gifts for the most exciting moments of the first months of life:


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