5 vital things you have to learn in a computer training

5 vital things you have to learn in a computer training

Before diving into convoluted lines of code, you’d better start with the basics of computing.

These are the 5 essential elements for web jobs.

1. What is an IP address?: 5 vital things you have to learn in a computer training

We have often heard it, but what is really an IP address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol . And you will tell me, and what is the use of knowing that!

Actually, you have to see the IP address as a unique phone number for a computer . Computers use it to exchange information among themselves and send data to each other, as long as they are on the same network.

The IP address is made up of a series of numbers between 0 and 250. It is supplied by your Internet router , not by the computer itself.

2. What is a server for?: 5 vital things you have to learn in a computer training

Know how to solve computer problems.
Me, when the computer is not responding.

A server serves to supply data. Servers are the essential element today. When you post a video on YouTube, you post it only once, but it will be connected hundreds, thousands of times on the Internet, so users can view it, all instantly.

Which explains that if the servers used are not powerful enough, a video or an application gives problems due to the distance. This is what happened with the Pokemon Go application recently during the event to celebrate the first anniversary of the application: the servers were blocked due to the number of connections in the same place and time. Hence the importance of using servers powerful enough to avoid bad publicity.

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3. What does HTML mean?: 5 vital things you have to learn in a computer training

The Hyper Text Markup Language is not a programming language. Like the IP address, the HTML language is intended for the computer. It is a deciphering language, just learn it, as with any language.

This language gives indications about the type of font used, the size of the text or the images to be integrated. Do not worry if you do not memorize all the elements, they are easy to find at all times on the Internet.

For example, to make text bold, we place it between the <b> and </b> tags. “B” is the first letter of bold , which means bold in English.

4. What is the usefulness of a cookie?

cookie is the trace that you leave when you browse the Internet. Your browser places a harmless file on your computer in order to return advertisements related to your searches.

I explain.

You are looking for shoes in Zalando. You close the page without buying anything or having put anything in your cart.

Later, when you go to watch a video on YouTube, an advertisement with the shoes you were looking at before will probably appear in the sidebar.


5. What are the different programming languages?

They are various.

Java, C and Python are without a doubt the most popular and the most sought after. But you may need to control several computer languages.

  • To publish with WordPress, you need to know Javascript and PHP,
  • For working with Windows, you’d better be fluent in C #.

Start by choosing between Java and C ++. Then go to Javascript. Then choose between PHP, Swift and Python, depending on your desire and your needs.

And to learn 5 additional vital things in a computer training , check out the full article to become a true “geek.”

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