500 pages of pure Halo with unpublished details from Infinite: this is the Halo Encyclopedia that will arrive in 2022

500 pages of pure Halo with unpublished details from Infinite: this is the Halo Encyclopedia that will arrive in 2022

343 Industries and Dark Horse announce this new edition of the compendium for the most loyal fans of the series.

If the Halo universe is your passion, you will not want to miss the opportunity to get this book that Dark Horse Comics has just announced . The publisher partners with 343 Industries to publish a new edition of the Halo Encyclopedia , a compendium with the most detailed information on the saga and all the secrets of each installment, including the long-awaited Halo Infinite that goes on sale this fall. Of course, do not panic: the new Halo encyclopedia will be released in 2022 , so you will not have to be afraid of spoilers for the next game.


Coinciding with his blog entry 117 on Halo Waypoint, writer Jeff Easterling announces this Halo Encyclopedia that will feature 25% more content than its previous editions. A total of close to 500 pages of pure Halo , written by Jeremy Patenaude, Kenneth Peters and Jeff Easterling himself, full of curious details, explanations, clarifications ” and even some other revelation ” about the saga and the background of its universe.


Cover of the new Halo EncyclopediaCover of the new Halo Encyclopedia

” Whether you’ve been a fan since the turn of the millennium, looking for Marathon connections on the pages of Bungie.org, or have recently fallen in love with this great green hero and all his eclectic friends (and foes), we wanted to celebrate with something that it helps us bring much of that magic together in one place, “says Easterling. The new Halo Encyclopedia goes on sale on March 29 , 2022 for $ 49.99, and you can pre-order it from here .


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Meanwhile, Halo Infinite continues developing ahead of its launch later this year . Although we still do not know its release date, Phil Spencer already places it in a margin of just a few weeks , but will not announce the day until it is completely clear.


Of course, the game will be included with Xbox Game Pass , the subscription catalog that you can join for just 1 euro the first month . If you want to know more information about the game, don’t miss this Halo Infinite gameplay from E3 2021 .

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