Do you receive any calls from 7032602358? Do you wonder who is calling you from 7032602358? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here, you will get information about it. So, read this article from start to end to know further about it.

    Who is calling you from 7032602358?

    7032602358 is a 10-digit phone number that has a neutral rating on different websites and review sources. Neutral means that some people review it positively and some people give negative feedback about this number while some people said that they blocked this number due to many calls in a day. The estimated location of the caller is Washington, Columbia District, Virginia while the zip code is 20041.

    This number is a registered number in Verizon South Inc. – VA. People receive calls from this number. This number is categorized as an unsolicited call means that people do not want to receive calls from this number anymore and they blocked it or put it in the spam numbers list.

    What type of calls did people receive from 7032602358?

    According to some sources, calls from 7032602358 are telemarketing or awareness calls from a Medicare service. This number promotes a Medicare service named “First Quote Medicare.”

    It can be Medicare insurance spam and the calls from this number are categorized as Unsolicited calls meaning unwanted calls.

    How do Medicare scams or Medicare Insurance scam work?

    Medicare scams are on the rise these days. Such scams occur through calls from spoof and unknown numbers. In such scam calls, the scammer is pretending to be from a known or legit Medicare or healthcare service or healthcare insurance provider. They use spoofing technology to direct your caller ID to display that they are from Medicare service with a local number.

    What is the purpose of Medicare scam calls like 703260235?

    Medicare scams are very dangerous and are on the rise these days. The scammers call you pretending that they are from a legit healthcare service provider. When you answer such calls, the following things can happen to you:

    • Scammers get your personal information from online sources usually by a data breach and call you to build trust. They may know your name, date of birth, address, and even you are SSN
    • They will call you and act emotionally to pretend themselves from legal service providers
    • They can claim that your healthcare card is near to expire or give you a special plan at a lower price
    • They may ask you to verify your Medicare number to get your personal information
    • They may also ask you to register in an illegal plan to get money from you
    • They may convince you to pay for their services
    • They may use your personal information to bargain your identity and then target you for more fraud
    • They may steal your bank ID through financial fraud

    How to identify a Medicare insurance scam

    If you want to detect that, the call from any healthcare service provider like 7032602358 is a scam then you should identify them by following cases:

    • First, you should know that a legit Medicare would never call you directly if you do not have called them with the request. If you get a call from someone who claimed that he/she is from a Medicare service provider, then you should identify that they are a scam
    • The major Medicarescam is when a caller claims that a new card is being issued to you because your existing card is invalid. You should understand that Medicare will never call you directly or if they need to contact you, you will get an official letter to arrange further phone calls
    • Another major scam is to verify your Identity. So, always remember that the Medicare service already has your ID information. They do not need to call you to verify it.

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