A support teacher to teach learning

A support teacher to teach learning

As an adult, going back to school sometimes seems a long way off. And even if we return to them, there are people who are convinced that studying is not made for them.
All for lack of method and a way of thinking that did not work.
Using different tools can help students to progress in the methodology.

A support teacher helps the student to learn correctly in different ways: A support teacher to teach learning

By encouraging the student to ask questions in class : We often feel that asking questions makes us stupid and that others will make fun of us. It is a terribly entrenched thought that may not have really disappeared in adulthood. Support teachers are there to help you progress, and if you don’t ask questions, they’ll think you’ve understood and move on. So to raise all your doubts.
By showing you how to use the various tools available : the textbook, the course (notes taken or handouts), the Internet, dictionaries … The class itself is not the only tool available. You have to know how to draw on your various sources of learning to keep progressing and to awaken curiosity and the desire to learn.
When working on motivation : the teacher is there to mark the stages of a student’s progression. It will show you that, step by step, you will move forward. For example, in solving mathematical problems, the teacher will place increasingly difficult obstacles in the path of the student who will gradually learn to overcome.
When teaching the student to self-assess : a student must learn to identify their gaps in order to fill them. This is the role of the pedagogical teacher.
By identifying the best way to memorize for the student : auditory memory, visual memory or kinetic memory (by movement). To remember dates, a chronology or the names of cities, the teacher will have you try different ways to be able to remember them successfully.
The objective of the teacher is to seek the effectiveness of the student and accompany him in learning to identify possible difficulties and remedy them.
In adult classes, you will need to know how to get away from the purely academic lesson and find other ways to learn and memorize for an assessment.
The goal of school support is, above all, to build confidence in the student and give meaning to their work so that they can be successful in giving their best.
However, for this to work, you have to choose your teacher. At Superprof, there are more than 20,000 private teachers throughout Spain, ready to give support classes for all levels and all ages.

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