How many times have you looked at your desk and said “what a mess”? Objects in the middle, papers, notebooks, water bottle, mobile and thousands of cables in the middle that do nothing but distract you from your work or your study.

Keeping a desk clean and organized is important, especially when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer or work from home more and more. Many objects in the middle of your vision on the screen can distract you, so we recommend these accessories to help you organize.

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 We’re not saying you have to follow the Marie Kondo method to organize your table, but fewer cables mean less tripping and, above all, less chance of something being thrown or dropped.

These cheap accessories to organize your table can be found in stores like Amazon, where you can get free and fast shipping by signing up for Amazon Prime . You will have a 30-day free trial with no obligation. If you are a student, you have up to 3 months of free trial and an annual subscription with 50% discount.

Cable box: Accessories to organize your desk and hide cables and devices

Cable Organizer Box


Keepsort XXL cable organizer box for 25.97 eurosOne of the most important accessories you can buy to organize your table and hide cables is a box that stores them. We are not talking about storing the cable of the mobile phone or the headphones, if not the cables of the screen, the laptop charger and others.

This extra-large cable box has three outlets for inserting and removing cables, perfect for, for example, inserting the laptop charger. No heat will be generated because it is well ventilated.

This Keepsort brand box costs 25.97 euros in white and has a size of 40 x 18 x 16.1 centimeters. It is also available in black for 25.97 euros .

Magnetic desktop cable manager: Accessories to organize your desk and hide cables and devices

Elago Magnetic Cable Management Buttons


Elago magnetic cable organizer for 11.99 eurosDon’t you hate it when you have a cord hooked up behind the table and it falls to the floor? Then you have to bend down to get it back up. This Magnetic Organizer from Elago is a blast for organizing all those cables so they won’t fall off again.

For just 11 euros you have a three cable organizer with a round magnetic stopper. In this way you can always move the cable freely and when you finish using it, take it to its magnetic base so that it stays there.

Goodbye to the cables that fall behind the table. It is available in white and black .

You always have the option of buying some organizers that stick to the table with adhesive and insert the cable manually. This kit of 6 organizers in different sizes only costs 10.99 euros .

Cable tray and under-table strip: Accessories to organize your desk and hide cables and devices

Scandinavian Hub Cable Organizer Tray

Scandinavian hub

Cable organizer tray and Scandinavian Hub strip for 22.95 eurosDo you still have the power cord strip for your computer, screen, mobile and other products on the table with the danger it represents? Imagine that some liquid falls on top or you trip over it, these cables on the ground are a danger.

To have a more organized environment and above all to avoid accidents, you need a cable organizer tray that screws to the bottom of the table, with space to put all your cables and power strip at a height that does not obstruct.

This Scandinavian Hub model is 16 inches long and has screws and clamps to install it under the table. It costs 22 euros on Amazon in black, although you can get the white version for 24 euros . In both cases there are two units.

Cable collection tube

Cable management tube


2 mesh cable tubes of 2 meters for 12.99 eurosIt is as simple as it sounds, but more practical than you think. This cable collection tube does exactly this, collecting multiple cables into one so that no one can trip over them.

It is a cheap and simple product that benefits everyone. Very useful if you use a PC tower and have many cables connected, which makes it easier to organize to maintain a clean work and leisure space.

This mesh tube costs 12.99 euros and comes in two units of 2 meters in length and 19 millimeters in diameter.

Reusable velcro ties

Reusable velcro ties


100 reusable velcro ties for 9.98 euros at AmazonTo organize all your cables, regardless of their size and how many you have, even where you want to put them, what you will always need are zip ties to collect them at different points.

These reusable velcro zip ties are the best you can buy. There are 100 units of various colors: black, green, blue, yellow and red . You can use them to organize cables by color and their use or to attach them to an area where they do not disturb, such as one of the legs of the table.

Very useful not only for cables, you will surely find more uses to give them. You can find them on amazon for less than 10 euros .

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