Accounting qualifications and main training centers

Accounting qualifications and main training centers

As we have commented, when entering the world of accounting, we must bear in mind that there are many options: studying a degree in accounting, a postgraduate degree, a doctoral program or even a professional training that gives us the boost we need. to start working in accounting.

Most of these types of courses are offered in universities and institutes throughout the Spanish geography: from the North to the South. However, you must bear in mind that depending on the center you choose (public, private or concerted), you will have more or less offer. Private institutions stand out above all because they tend to have international recognition as business schools. This is the case of the Barcelona School of Management, for example, which has the AMBA accreditation and is among the leading management schools in the world.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of obtaining some type of accreditation as an accountant , once the studies have been completed through registration in a college of accountants or even in the Register of Accounting Experts, a body of the General Council of Economists in charge of regulate everything in accounting.

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Find out where you can train in accounting. Accounting qualifications and main training centers

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