Atari changes course: they will return to making “premium” games for PC and consoles, with their sights set on 2022

Atari changes course: they will return to making “premium” games for PC and consoles, with their sights set on 2022

The legendary American company has already launched its new Atari VCS.

Atari has come back to life in the last decade, with ambitious plans to return to today’s gaming world. On the one hand, there is the launch of that new Atari VCS , its console available since mid-June with 100 pre-installed games . And on the other hand, as announced back in 2014 , the company was trying to diversify its business based on free games, mobile games and online casinos . Well, these latest plans are coming to an end. Atari is changing course again, and they will now focus on PC and console games .


In other words, Atari returns to the traditional video game business. The company’s board of directors confirms that its new strategy will revolve around creating “premium” games for PCs and consoles, with a lesser emphasis on free-to-play and mobile games. “Our intention with any gaming experience is to deliver meaningful playable moments that are accessible and fun,” says its new CEO, Wade J. Rosen, in a statement shared by Games Industry.


Atari VCS

” That’s the essence of Atari and what ties our history to our future. To that end, we feel that premium [paid] games best represent these types of experiences and Atari’s DNA.” This does not mean that Atari is completely abandoning the market for free games. The company will keep some free titles running , although, given the current competitive climate, games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon Story, Crystal Castles, Castles & Catapults, Ninja Golf and Atari Combat: Tank Fury will be discontinued.


Along with this, the company abandons the online casino business that it had in Africa. Looking ahead, Atari seeks to create a strong catalog of “premium games on all platforms” , so they will not be exclusive to its Atari VCS, and the company’s first new games will arrive in the current fiscal year, which ends. on March 31, 2022 . Will Atari be able to return to the path of success?

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