Be qualified to work in the accounting world

Be qualified to work in the accounting world

Be qualified to work in the accounting world

When it comes to work, it will be up to each company to determine what are some of the minimum requirements to be an accountant , as we have already commented. However, there are ways to stand out from other candidates for an accounting position. One of the best ways to do this is to join an accounting association, a kind of accountancy college that represents accounting professionals and provides recognition (national, regional, or even international) for their knowledge, skills, and experience.
As we have said, in Spain there is the AECA, the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration, the ADECLA, the Association of Fiscal and Accounting Advisors or the ICLA, the Institute of Accounting and Auditing, although there are also organizations at the regional level .
These types of organizations usually organize different training workshops for their members, including accounting courses where they cover the fundamental basics of accounting, accounting standards and the ethics of money in the business world.

You can also find other types of online training to learn more about personal and business: Be qualified to work in the accounting world

accounting programs such as Sage, Quickbooks or ContaPlus, among others.
Prepare to be able to move towards your ideal job.

Be prepared to move up little by little

Hardly anyone enters the job market doing their dream job. You have to be realistic and realize that you will have to progress little by little.
Even if you have the best qualifications, even if you have a degree and an MBA and have enrolled in an accounting college, you will be one more candidate on the list because you will lack the necessary experience to carry out the position.
Similarly, younger candidates with fewer academic awards may be favored over someone with different qualifications in accounting, particularly if they have spent time working in the field and gaining experience while the other prospective employee has been studying.
Therefore, the most logical thing is that you start at a lower position to be able to work your way up little by little.
You learn to work in accounting by doing, so you get the qualifications you need for a certain position while adding experience to your CV.

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