Better to learn French or Portuguese?

Better to learn French or Portuguese?

French and Portuguese have many points in common and are two widely taught languages ​​in our country (which is not surprising if we take into account that they are our neighbors!).
On the Internet we can find endless free methods to learn French, learn the history of France and understand the relevance of the Molière language on the international scene. And the same goes for Portuguese!
French and Portuguese grammars are very similar. In fact, some French words have striking similarities to other Portuguese words.

Better to learn French or Portuguese?: Better to learn French or Portuguese?

Like learning French, there are many compelling reasons to learn Portuguese. In the same way that France is one of the main tourist destinations of the Spanish, Portugal is a country that receives the visit of many Spaniards every year who want to discover its charms. In addition, many Spanish companies are based in Portugal, so the option of looking for work in the neighboring country is also very interesting. On the other hand, Portuguese has 200 million speakers worldwide.

Useful phrases in French

There is a wide range of options for learning a foreign language: language immersion trips, internships, private lessons, language schools, mobile applications … Every word you learn will be like a small victory.

What French words and phrases are most useful for our day to day ?

To begin with, the most basic thing is knowing how to say hello: «Bonjour», «Ça va?», «Comment allez-vous?», «Salut», «Au revoir», «On se voit demain» …
Other essentials: “oui”, “merci”, “s’il vous plaît”, “de rien”, “je suis désolé (e)”, “excusez-moi” …
To introduce you: «Je m’appelle …», «Je suis espagnol (e)», «J’ai X ans» …
The essential thing is that you start by knowing how to present yourself in French.
What more basic knowledge should you acquire? Well, it would be good if you learned to ask questions, agree or disagree, ask for directions to get somewhere, know how to defend yourself in a hotel or restaurant … Essential elements for a first contact with natives in a French-speaking country.
If you want to continue reading, discover 50 curious facts about France .
And to improve in the language, on our platform you can take an  online French course . If you don’t want to sign up for a French academy in Madrid and prefer private classes, take a look!


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