Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 2

Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 2

Since we understood how people move and organize on the internet now if we apply some concepts so that you generate and promote organic impact and consolidate your projects, communities, tribes, etc.


Articulating any level of organization on the internet requires resources and knowledge about the digital environment. Next, I share some resources to sow and / or reinforce conversation on social networks:

Polarize :Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 2

We all have a very participatory spirit when there is a topic ready to be debated, this is extremely useful to gain organic reach, we can use it easily, let’s take an example (very crude, I don’t really know if this example can work, I just want you to understand the logic of the process) let’s name a Facebook group “because we hate soccer” to attract hundreds of soccer fans, who will join that group only to defend their position by offending its creators and without doing anything we already have a group full of soccer fans.

Radicalizing topics is essential in all social networks, it generates conversation. Do not worry about losing followers, opinions in extremes always make you gain more followers than those who are lost, in addition, usually those offended always return, to express their discontent against you, but they are still there, so lose care, remember which are numbers, we seek objectives, purposes, not numbers.

Tilt:Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 2

This is another powerful tool, provoking people generates enormous attention, attention that can be used to insert topics in our favor, we can direct the conversation wherever we want. You have to provoke reactions, as many as you want, make a group angry, put a common enemy in the comments, etc.

Another way to tilt people is to make yourself an image of being reactionary, contested, angry, ungrateful, conceited, arrogant, etc. In social networks, that generates followers, because for each person who feels offended or transgressed in the comments, there will always be another 10 that will follow you simply because you managed to kick or put the person who disliked you in their place.

The humor  :Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 2

It has always been the wild card of the game because it is easily viralized and can be satyr, critical, offensive or for or against some ideology or character.

Humor fits into any pillar and topic of content, it also generates positions, helps us filter towards us people related to our movements and even makes them susceptible to convince them in favor of our cause, no one will tell you no after a good laugh.

The morbid :Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 2

Unfortunately, it is what generates more interest and followers, even more than humor, we understand morbid as curiosity, the desire to know and show uncomfortable situations, conflict or suffering of others.

It is a very normal condition in people, more than you imagine; Sometime a family member told me that he felt worried because he felt too much attraction towards topics related to violence and red note on social networks, he felt he was becoming psychopath, a very funny comment, I remember laughing out loud, I told him; I think you have not seen the millions of followers, comments and reactions that pages of that style have on Facebook, have you? The thousands of dollars that these types of notes generate, the amount of red note content they consume on average is titanic people every day on social networks; Either 90% of society is psychopathic or it is a highly influential psychological bias in human behavior, I think both statements are somewhat valid, but it is nothing strange I assure you.

Digital weapons 

Also, to promote organic impact and the creation of communities, it is important to have the right resources, the right weapons in your arsenal so that you are prevented from any possible contingency.

The key tools that will help you in this process are and will always be the following:

  • A written blog
  • A video channel: (it can be YouTube, YouNow, TikTok, Instagram TV or your own Facebook page)
  • A landing page
  • Analytics and automation

Your landing page can be to sell a product, service, to distribute your content only, for whatever, but you must have databases of specific people to achieve your goals.

Imagine that you google the name of your favorite YouTuber (which almost no one does true hehe) and you find his page, in this you find a message that says, leave me your email so that we can personally be in contact and be the first to find out about my events in your city, so you can share a personalized message and maybe we can chat at some point. You capture thousands of users, now, you can use this to sell tickets to events more directly, you can stop depending on the YouTube bell and the exposure of videos that youtubers complain about so much and notify them directly to enter watch your videos

Every expert shares the idea that if something cannot be measured it cannot be improved. Of course and if you got to this part of the book, you will see that I have achieved my goals thanks to the fact that they are measurable. The part about carrying your notebook everywhere is proof of that.

Intellectual weapons 

You must not only have weapons but also the proper training to handle those weapons and get the best out of them.

  1. Abstraction
  2. Proactivity
  3. Deduction

It may sound like a skill that only the intelligent possess, I do not blame the vision of this since we have a very marked stereotype regarding deductive people. The typical Sherlock Holmes or Doctor House, great communication scientists were captured by this stereotype like Umberto Eco or Pérez Reverte through their detective novels. The general perception of a deductive person is someone intelligent and coldly calculating who is able to anticipate and guess every movement and thought that a person will have before they even consider it.

These types of stories are extremely entertaining and follow a logic: If subject A was in a place B at a time C then he could have done D, E or F, the most likely is E for F, G, H reasons and we also have considered An argument for each possible alternative that you have decided to make.

In this way, for example, if you put a survey on your social networks, you should think based on statistics which topics are the most recurrent by the number of times a word is used (nutrition, transportation, video games, etc. You must detect with data what is your audience talking about)

Forming a team 

An essential element to generate communities and organic impact is the consolidation of a team that supports you and believes in what you are achieving. Obviously, the more your community or tribe grows, the more difficult it will be for you to maintain it, attend to it, cover the content and other needs towards it.

  • 4.1 Strategist
  • 4.2 Executor
  • 4.3 Logistics or resources.

In any digital team, these three positions will prevail in essence and structure, in some places they call them different, some have more structures or positions complementing the same levels, but in essence you must recognize these three levels.

Do not worry if you feel this information is too generic, in the next chapter we will see in depth the work structure so that no matter where you stop: small or large companies, agencies or corporations, I will give you the keys to arrive as an experienced expert to any workplace, so you should keep reading to the end.

Points of care in the strategy 

Because not everything can and should not be perfect, but if it would be necessary to make an effort, this strategy to create organic impact and formulate communities or tribes has certain weak points to take care of.

  • The community will place you or the managers as the sole responsible for everything that happens
  • People will inevitably rate you negatively
  • You will receive a considerable and unhealthy amount of spam
  • Other accounts will begin to appear using the name of your networks, your groups, using your content to attract people.

The creation of a brand 

This is important because it will be the bridge between what people share, the environment in which they converge and your project. If you want to sell or really generate followers you have to apply this second step, once you have created your community or movement you must stand in the middle of them and say “oh I am the administrator, the creator of these communities, follow me because we will find gold for you” This is extremely effective for personal brands, you immediately direct attention to a common point, to a moderator, to a regulator, you make sense of everything.

Consolidation of the entire strategy

Now, consolidate yourself, take the entire digital community. Take people to eat at your restaurant, to buy in your store, to consume your products, to buy your services, to comment on your publications, put them to work for you because they already know you, you have already offered them too much, they have your full attention and it’s time to pay off.

It’s a long process, but trust me, your networks will never drop if you find the right channels. This ecosystem is replicated several times, on various sides, in various industries, imagine this process multiplied by 10. This is how you grow a project organically.

With this you will never run out of organic reach, because, even if you don’t post anything for months, people will continue to comment on your networks BECAUSE THEY ARE A COMMUNITY, they don’t need the pretext of finding you casually, they are always there.

So, the last step is to consolidate your products, spread them, offer discounts or benefits for being part of your community. Make them consumers without them noticing. The analytics tools there are impressive, because for example if you detect that within your communities there are a lot of people asking or looking for something specific, you can provide it and say something like, I know they have been asking a lot about this, then I got down to work. and I wanted to help them, it costs them X amount and the people are delighted that you are bringing the solution to their hands.


The beauty of the experience is that it saves you years and thousands of dollars in errors and problems. This book is about experience precisely, I am giving you the result, I am saving you years of experimenting in social networks so that you do not come and tell me that it is enough to put a Facebook page and voila, you already say that you are a successful empowered social network .

If you got to this point it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this episode of my Community Managers From Zero Book, every week I will be publishing a new chapter hoping it will be of much use to you. No more for the moment, I say goodbye.


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