Boxing helmet: why and where to buy it?

Boxing helmet: why and where to buy it?

Boxing helmet: why and where to buy it?

Although not boxing with bare hands , amateur boxing practitioners and competitors should wear a helmet in boxing training.
Why? Well, because that way you can  avoid hurting yourself and any fracture, brain injury, concussion, etc., both you and your opponent.
Luckily, helmets of this type are not worn in the ring …

Importance of the boxing helmet: Boxing helmet: why and where to buy it?

A well-fitting helmet adapted to the boxer’s head will limit brain injuries, as it will prevent it from slipping and cushion the blows: in order to enjoy maximum protection , you will have to be on your guard.
Face protection protects the skull and jaw with a strap, but since it is an open helmet, the cheeks, cheekbones, eyes and nose are exposed in the impact zone – this is where defense techniques come in during combat , since they will serve to avoid blows to the face.
Another advantage of a good boxing helmet is that while it protects us, it allows us a good field of vision to hit at the right time.

How much does a protective helmet cost?

You have to take into account six criteria to choose a good helmet:
Durability : a solid helmet will be preferable;
the size of the head : consult a size guide to adapt the format of the helmet to the head;
the chin strap : neither too tight nor too loose to promote comfort;
visibility – the helmet should not prevent the anticipation of the opponent’s blows, be able to dodge them, keep guard, refine footwork, strike and counter the opponent with a blow;
the foam padding : if it is too thin, the helmet will be useless;
personal tastes .
The most common vendors for boxing equipment are usually the same for all items of equipment:
Fight club,
Shark boxing.
They market the following brands:  Everlast, Fairtex, Domyos, Venum, Lonsdale, Adidas, Elion, Montana or  Twins.
The price will vary depending on the brand and professional quality, but can be between € 20 and € 100.
Do you want to learn  boxing online ? Well, as incredible as it may seem, it is also possible!

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