Boxing in Barcelona: where to find classes in Barcelona?

Boxing in Barcelona: where to find classes in Barcelona?

Sometimes we think that the rowdy people from the popular neighborhoods who like to get into fights would do better by joining a sports club to channel their energy instead of fighting and hitting without coming out on the street.

Isn’t it an incomparable setting to prepare for a fight against an Olympic champion?

As in the European championship or the Spanish boxing championship , all boxers have to respect the weight categories:
Light fly weight: 47 kg,
Fly weight: 51 kg,
Bantamweight: 54 kg,
Feather weight: 57 kg,
Light weight: 60 kg,
Welterweight: 64 to 69 kg,
Average weight: 75 kg,
Light heavyweight: 81 kg,
Heavy weight: 91 kg,
Super Heavyweight – No Limit.
Whether it is educational or professional boxing, students will have a variety of criteria when choosing their boxing coach.

These are the boxing clubs where you can train in Barcelona :

Club de Gallego Prada : reference club in Barcelona since its foundation in 1978. C / Montseny 182, L’Hospitalet,
Golden Kyu : martial arts and kickboxing mooing. General Miter Round 23,
The Fight Club of Barcelona: Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai, kick boxing … C / de Casp, 147,
DIR : chain of gyms located throughout Barcelona that offer, among other group classes, boxing and martial arts classes.
Muay Thai Barcelona. , C / de la Indústria 38, ground floor.
Gymnasium DKSR , C / Salvà, 17. Boxing in Barcelona: where to find classes in Barcelona?

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