Boxing training in 10 steps

Why do boxing training to lose weight?

Boxing training in 10 steps

Do you feel like getting into the big leagues and competing?: Boxing training in 10 steps

Very simple, especially if you have the possibility of registering with a boxing club or using private tutors.
Depending on your trainer and your level, as well as short- or medium-term progression goals, the boxer’s training pattern may be different.
Boxing equipment | In boxing schools, they will provide you with knee pads, mittens, mixed martial arts gloves, etc.
That said, the same aspects are always seen in all boxing sessions, so we can differentiate 10 steps during boxing training :
Warm up with joggin g for at least 5 minutes and then work the joints and muscles of the body.
Improve striking techniques (bare-handed, in the air) to prepare to enter competitions and to memorize the most famous strokes.
Increase your agility in a speed test or with a punching ball.
Clench his fists wearing gloves (bandages) to hit a punching bag ( punching bag ) Heavy for 3 rounds fictitious.
Tone your muscles with the weights and weight machines in the fitness room  .
Do  shadow boxing (explained below) if you are alone or  sparring  if you are with a partner, with the rhythm of a fight.
Go to endurance through a split race (3 x 500 m, for example).
Practice jump rope to show that you have the necessary explosiveness (the sequence is often hard on the heart, but it will help you improve quickly).
Confront an opponent briefly (but without doing damage).
Stretch for a while.
All of these exercises should be done in a formal way and make sure you do them for real. In case you get fatigued, to avoid injury, postpone training and, above all, be prudent.

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