Brief definition of physics

Brief definition of physics

What kinds of toys did you like when you were little? Were you a fan of ChemoCefa-type games? Are you spellbound looking at Newton’s pendulum? From now on we anticipate that physics is absolutely everywhere.

Reasons to study science
Laser light.

The development of physics, hand in hand with other sciences, such as chemistry and mathematics, has given us multiple advances that provide well-being and safety, so research is essential to continue advancing.

Physics is the science that studies the properties of matter and energy, and the relationship between the two.

The first contact that young people have with physics as an academic subject is in the Physics and Chemistry subject in 3rd year of ESO. In this subject the most basic laws of physics and its foundations are studied at an initial level.

Depending on the study center and the autonomous community, students have only the obligation to study physics during a school year, that is, a single subject in their entire schooling; and sharing time with chemistry content.

That is why the properties of matter and the functioning of energy remain a mystery to most Spaniards, who would not know how to name a single element related to physics.

In this article we are going to try to awaken in you a little interest in this exciting science with which you will understand many aspects of everyday life. Brief definition of physics

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