Budget to visit Beijing

Budget to visit Beijing

The cost of living in Beijing is slightly lower than in Madrid. But what is the budget to travel to Beijing exactly?
How much money does it take to visit the “Capital of the North”?
Two travelers with an average budget would need € 40 per day and per person for accommodation, € 16 per day to eat (in restaurants), about € 550 for the plane ticket from Madrid and more than € 250 for train trips to the south China (Beijing-Xi’An, Xi’An-Shanghai, Shanghai-Guangzhou). This would represent, for a stay in China of 15 days, € 1640 per person.
Given these figures, we see that China is no longer the cheap Asian country that it was before, since economic development logically generates an increase in the consumer price index (inflation).

But in more detail, what is the price of a stay in Beijing?: Budget to visit Beijing

Let’s start by  comparing the airlines to find a cheap plane ticket: Skyscanner , eDreams, Pirate Travelers, etc. There are flights from Madrid from around € 400 depending on the dates, and from around € 550 for a direct Madrid-Beijing flight.
For a cheap trip to Beijing, remember that the closer you get to the city center, the more expensive the accommodation.
To the price of the plane ticket and accommodation, we must add the budget allocated to leisure (outings, bars, etc.), excursions and tourist activities and food.
The only expense that will be really low in Beijing is food, as the Chinese capital is an open-air restaurant. There are many street food stalls and night markets to eat anytime cheaply. Jiumen Xiaochi and Guije streets are the best example.
And as for the price of visits to the monuments, you have to have between € 20 and € 50 for access to each of them.
You can find cheap flights, cheap places to eat, cheap hostels to sleep in, but a lot of cheap things put together make for a big budget!
Therefore, you must have between 1500 and 2000 euros for a comfortable stay (two people), as we see in the following table:

Tight budget Average budget Broad budget

Spain-Beijing plane € 350 € 500 € 750
Domestic flights € 150 200 € € 300
Accommodation in Beijing 20-30 € the night € 50-80 per night € 100-150 per night
Food / restoration, per day € 5 10 € 20-30 €
Transport in Beijing <5 € 10 € € 15
Historical and cultural monuments € 35 per monument € 85 (Great Wall + 1 monument) € 100 (for two or three monuments)
Total for two people for 15 days € 1000-1500 € 1800-2000 € 2500-3000
If you want to find excursions at a good price and reduce your expenses, the Kolaboo activities comparer can help you. For excursions to the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven, you can find offers of interesting prices.

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