Defeat obesity thanks to personal training

Defeat obesity thanks to personal training

According to the WHO, being overweight affects 1.4 billion people worldwide. And by 2030, the number of overweight people will reach  3.3 billion.
The gym and a healthy diet are essential to get fit and lose weight.
Obese people are those who have a body mass index that is too high (overweight from 25 and obese from 30).
But since nothing is immutable, obese people can  overcome their obesity and regain their silhouette.

How? Thanks to the sport.: Defeat obesity thanks to personal training

Depending on your body size and morphology, a weight loss program with a personal trainer will have to adapt to your goals: lose weight, without wanting to go too fast.
Losing weight does not mean having a body like that of high-level athletes, but recovering physical and mental shape thanks  to a nutritionist coach.
To achieve this, he will have to carry out an optimized nutritional program according to the physical activities to be carried out: swimming, aerobics, zumba, body step, athletics, elliptical bike, etc.
The virtues of sport against obesity are multiple. Obesity is not overcome in the blink of an eye, but with  determination, quick results can be seen.

For successful training, you will need to:

Adapt the effort to the physical condition,
Fight against sedentary lifestyle,
Do two or three workouts a week,
Have a healthy and balanced diet,
Avoid alcohol, tobacco and snacking between meals.
Sudden movements that can cause irreversible injuries must be avoided. We will have to avoid the risk of:
Arterial hypertension,
Joint pain
Bad postures
Cardiovascular accident.
Obesity can be overcome with sport, but it must be a slow exercise and adequate to the cardiac and respiratory capacities of the obese person.

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