Do female bodybuilding practicing sport

Do female bodybuilding practicing sport

Whether it’s dance or gymnastics, bodybuilding for women is everywhere.
With Superprof, your bodybuilding practice will focus on the desire to build muscles with specific exercises. However, if you feel that  this type of practice can bore you  or simply demotivate you, keep in mind that it is possible to do female bodybuilding  indirectly.
Sport is a good way to build muscle without realizing it . Not all sports do it, but most of them are  very good tools  to gain muscle mass and tone effectively.

The swimming: Do female bodybuilding practicing sport

Swimming is  an excellent sport for muscular different muscle groups, since it is a discipline that has the advantage of being very varied. By diversifying the types of swimming, we can not only do cardiovascular training, but also strengthen the back, abs or triceps.
On the other hand, swimming has  the disadvantage that it can only be practiced in a pool , at specific times and with very specific clothing, which can be a bit restrictive. You can also do  acuagym , with which you can also make new friends.

The dance: Do female bodybuilding practicing sport

Dancing is a particular discipline because it is suitable for both women who want to have fun, those who want to compete and those who want to  tone up.  Its variety means that you can strengthen your posture and gain flexibility, but most dances also  allow you to tone up.  The advantage of dancing is that all parts of the body are worked.


Pilates, created in the 1980s, is a method that has already proven its benefits around the world. With more than 500 possible postures, it  is often practiced with the weight of the body,  without the need for accessories. It is a nice way to get  muscle without spending money and can be done anywhere.
By varying the intensity of the postures, Pilates enables effective muscular development of the body, sometimes focusing attention  on the “center ” of the body, specifically the abdominals and pelvic floor.  For optimal muscle development, this sport is ideal.

The Yoga

Yoga has been a very popular discipline for some years now, and for good reason. This complete discipline  combines body, mind and spirit , through different postures. These poses can be quite technical and require a certain physical condition. And that is what interests us because,  along with breathing , yogi movements work different parts of the musculature.
There are several types of yoga, from the most meditative to the most dynamic , so you will surely find the one that best suits you to get toned.


You may not have stopped to think about it, but skating is a true sport, which tones the whole body.  In addition to being pleasant and allowing us to discover a city, a neighborhood or a place, skating  makes the abs work intensely,  at the same time that it stimulates the coordination of our members.

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