Exercises to improve your Arabic skills

Exercises to improve your Arabic skills

There are tons of ways to perfect the Arabic language and culture. As we discussed before, the Internet provides you with a plethora of solutions to learn the language completely free of charge. We can also think of university libraries, where we can consult an Arabic-Spanish dictionary to work on verbs and grammar.
Of course, we recommend that you make sheets of verbs and words in Arabic, so that you can give them easy reviews every day / two days. For example, you can read between 5 and 10 words every day , without even trying to retain them at all costs. Remember that your brain is always going to keep a significant percentage of what you have read and this exercise will allow you to mitigate the impact that forgetting can have.
In the category of classes and exercises in face-to-face Arabic , we recommend that you go to Casa Árabe for information . In its Arabic Language Center you can find everything you need to learn correctly.
Use post-its to learn vocabulary every day.
In the center, Casa Árabe offers academic courses and short courses so that you can master whatever you want in the language. Along these lines, they will offer you material, guidance and advice so that you can improve the language in all aspects (pronouns, phrases, interrogative style, prepositions, articles, etc.).
On the other hand, there are some pages with free language courses that you can also turn to, such as Busuu or Polly Lingual.

Looking for an Arabic course ?: Exercises to improve your Arabic skills

And, since we know that the writing system is totally the opposite of what we are used to seeing, why don’t you practice a little on your own with dictations, as you did in school? With this own exercise you can also get started in Arabic spelling and calligraphy. However, if you are not very self-taught, the next section is yours.

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