FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information
FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information General information

Full name: Faheem Sharif

Birth place: Pool Nagar, Pakistan and Punjabi

Religion: Islam

Date of birth: January 16, 1994

Age: 24 years and 329 days

Weight: 61 kg

Height in cm and m: 175cm and 1.75m

Height in feet inches: 5 feet 9 inches

PSL team: Islamabad united

BPL team: Camilla Victorians

Hair colors: black

Eye color: black

Role: Pakistani cricketer

Bowling style: right arm medium

Batting style: left hand bat

Nickname: Ashraf

Teams: Pakistan, Pakistan a Camilla Victorians

Salary: 70000 $

Mother name: unknown

Father name: Rana Muhammad

Playing role: all rounder

Career records: 5 wickets in ODI and 3 wickets in 2 time

Shirt no. 41

Zodiac sign: Arias

Language: Urdu

In October 2017 against Sri Lanka he dismissed Isuzu Udaan, Mahela Udawatte and Datsun Shaneka on successive and become a first bowler in the world. He also win the first match in the world. In match he win 3 test and ODI 16 and T20I 23. So his inning 4 in test and 10 in ODI and 14 in T20I. He got runs 123 in test and 104 in ODI and 96 in T20I. In all match his average in test series is 30.75 and 13 in ODI and 12 in T20I.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Career life

Faheem scored a century on his 1st class debut in 2013 to 2014. He play many test match in the world and against other other country. In 2013 to 2014 his team play in Faisalabad. Then 2014 to 2015 his team is Faisalabad. Ashraf promised to over coach for best talent. During time changing and evolution of his cricket having a best bowling all-rounder in the team has become a need of the hour. During match playing with other countries he show best behavior to the other country members. His teams is

  • National bank in years 2015 to 2016
  • Faisalabad in year 2013 to 2014 then 2014 to 2015
  • Habib bank limited in year 2016 to 2018
  • Islamabad united in year 2018
  • Camilla Victorians in year 2017

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Awards

  • Best player of the years is Nihaar Allam RS. 0.5 million
  • Best umpire of the year is Muhammad Asif Yaqoob RS 0.3 million. He is a best umpire in Pakistani team. He show best performance in every match.
  • Best curator of the year is Riaz Ahmed is RS 0.2 million.
  • Best batsman of the year is Faheem Ashraf is RS 0.6 million.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information International information

  • Pakistan is national side in year 2017 to present
  • 11 may 2018 with Ireland is test debut (cap 230)
  • 1 June 2018 with England is last test
  • 12 June 2017 with Sri Lanka is ODI debut (cap 213)
  • 11 November in 2018 with new Zealand is last test
  • His shirt number is 41 in ODI. This number is lucky for his career life
  • 12 September in 2017 with world xi is T20I debut (cap 25)
  • 4 November in 2018 with new Zealand is last T20I
  • His shirt number is also 41 in T20I. this number also prove lucky for his career life

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Introduction

Faheem Ashraf is a Pakistani cricketer. He was a Muslim. He was born on 16 January 1994. The birth place of Faheem Ashraf is pool nagger in Punjab of Pakistan. The age is 24 years and 11 months 9 days. The full name is Brian Bara Chari. But his nick name is Ashraf.  The father name of Faheem Ashraf is Rana Muhammad. The cast of Faheem Ashraf is Rajput. He was unmarried. The batting style is left handed and bowling style is right arm medium. The bowling style is very famous in others cricketers. His favorite digit is two (2). His favorite day is Friday. He has first play cricket of his life in 11 may 2018 with Ireland team and last cricket play with England team in 1 June 2018. The cricket is a dream of Faheem and his father. He was enter in cricket field at the age of 18 years.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Body size

The body size is very well than others cricketers. The size of height is 175cm and 1.75m. The height feet is 5 feet and 9 inches. The body weight is 73 kilogram. The weight is not occur in constant form. The weight is ultimately change with time. Because when people is free for one month and few days in which times the weight is increase but when person do work or exercise the weight will be lose. For weight lose they also eat diet foods like salad, and fruits.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Physical appearance

Faheem Ashraf is medium height. The hair color is black. Similarly eye color is black. He was not use color on hairs and don’t apply lens in eyes. The black color of his eyes and hairs is naturally. The age of Faheem Ashraf is 24 years. The biceps size is 14 inches. The weight is 73 kilogram. The size of legs is long through this long legs they running very fast on stadium ground during bowling. The arm size is medium. The hand is very hard. Due to this hard hand they easily caught the ball.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Personal information

The Pakistani cricketer Faheem Ashraf is unmarried. He was no girlfriend but he was no doing affairs with others. Nowadays he become married as soon. He was a simple man. The Faheem Ashraf is love with our family.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Protection material

Every cricketer wear some protective material for awareness. Similarly Faheem Ashraf wear gloves for hands, head met for head protection. And cover the legs with other things. Due to this type things they protection our body. Because the body part may be injured during the match due to hard ball. The hard ball is made from stones these hard ball is very harmful for cricketers. Therefore this type use during the match.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Faheem best friends

The Faheem Ashraf is spend most of time with our friends. In the team every cricketer is a friend of Faheem Ashraf but imam Ul haq is best friend. They share every problems and happiness with imam ul haq. The imam ul haq is Muslim and he is a cricketer of Pakistani team. They also spend mostly time with together.

FAHEEM ASHRAF complete information Hobbies

The hobbies of Faheem Ashraf i9s following as well as,

  • Watch football match
  • Playing cricket
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Playing videos game
  • Watch television in free time
  • Visit beautiful place

Favorite food

The Faheem Ashraf like in eating as chicken and fast foods. In fast foods he was like burger, chicken sandwich, pizza and biryani etc. he was also like different dishes those are ready from chicken products.

Favorite car

The favorite car is Audi and FERARRI. He was no need of driver for car driving. When he was going for visit he was drive a car for itself. The FERARRI color is like blue and red.

Favorite color

The favorite color is blue. In blue dresses he was looking so beautiful and handsome. In blue color dresses he was looking in the age of 16 and 17 years old boy. He was not a looking man he was looking a boy.

Favorite game

He was like football and cricket. The football his favorite sports. He watch a football match on television. He was also like a cricket because he was a cricketer.

Favorite flower

The like all flowers but his favorite flower is rose. The smell of rose is very beautiful. Roses smell is naturally. The fragrance of roses touch the height, he was used rose water for face beauty because the rose water give a naturally beauty of face. Due to rose water the skin of Faheem Ashraf is glow and shining.

Favorite time in his life

The evening time is favorite time of Faheem Ashraf.  In the evening he was going to outing for taking fresh breath. In evening he was drink coffee. Coffee is favorite drink of Faheem Ashraf. He was don’t like tea.


The favorite actor is Salman khan. But in Pakistan he like Shan. He watched movies of Salman khan and Shan. The movies is watched only free time but during work he not waste time for other activities.

Favorite cricketer

His favorite cricketer is Shahid Afridi and Sachin Tendulkar. Because both are cricketers play well than other cricketers. In match they act well performance. The Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani cricketer and Sachin Tendulkar is India cricketer. The Afridi is a fastest batsman and bowler. His also called BOOM BOOM AFRIDI.

Favorite footballer

The like football match of Mara Dona and Ronaldinho. Because both are favorite footballers of Faheem Ashraf. They play well during the football match.

Favorite place

The favorite place is London. During holidays he was going to London for spend time. In London different place is most historical and memorable place. Therefore the Faheem Ashraf feel relax and more comfortable in London.


The salary is $50,000 to 70,000. They give donations for poor peoples, he was also help the poor peoples. He was not make a difference between rich and poor peoples. Therefore they give some amount of poor peoples.


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