Find orchids, feathers and alligator eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2


Find orchids, feathers and alligator eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2

A guide with exotic objects to complete the mission “Duchesses and other animals”.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Probably the most annoying requirement to cross out to achieve 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story is the “Duchesses and Other Animals” mission , where we will be asked to collect a handful of exotic items – rare orchids, feathers. birds and alligator eggs — hard to come by. In this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide , we will try to clarify the location of these collectibles and rewards.

First things first: to activate the mission, we must first complete “Golden Cage” from Chapter 4 of the story. Then we can find the quirky collector Algernon Wasp north of Saint Denis, next to a blue house. It has no loss. His mission consists of six phases, and between phases 2 and 6 he will entrust us with a list of exotic objects to collect for him. Every time we complete an order, he will reward us with money, increasing his generosity with each delivery. In the last phase, in addition to the payment, we will also get an exotic hat and Algernon’s revolver , which can only be obtained in this way. Below is the list of requirements.

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Mission phase Required items
  • 5 little egret feathers
  • 5 reddish egret feathers
  • 5 white egret feathers
  • 15 lady of night orchids
  • 20 heron feathers
  • 7 Cypripedioideae orchids
  • 10 Virgin sandal orchids
  • 25 alligator eggs
  • 3 Epidendrum acunae orchids
  • 7 Cyrtopodium punctatum orchids
  • 5 ghost orchids
  • 30 spatula feathers
  • 5 Epidendrum nocturnum orchids
  • 10 rat tail orchids
  • 5 caladenias
  • 5 Prosthechea cochleata orchids
  • 5 Aerthusa bulbous orchids
  • 5 Cattleya orchids
  • 10 Cypripedium passerinum orchids
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Where can these exotic objects be found? It’s a particularly difficult question to answer, because there are roughly 200 spawn points across the map, and what you find when you zoom in on them can vary in some cases. The good news is that all these points are grouped by zones, so you will find, for example, about 10 different points to collect the ghost orchid south of Caliga Hall. When in an area full of exotic items, activate Eagle Eye to find them quickly. You will also be glad to know that the vast majority of them are to the north, south and around Wasp’s house, but we leave you with a rough list of points of interest so that you can manually search for the one that interests you.

  • Wasp’s house surroundings: rare birds and alligator eggs, Epidendrum acunae orchid, rattail orchid, Cattleya orchid, Cyrtopodium punctatum orchid (to the east and along the coast).
  • Between the Kamassa River and Saint Denis: Epidendrum nocturnum orchid, night lady orchid, rare birds and caiman eggs, Caladenia.
  • Southwest coast of Saint Denis, south of Caliga Hall: Prosthechea cochleata (coast) orchid, ghost ochid, rare birds and alligator eggs.
  • South Shore of Scarlett Meadows: Epidendrum nocturnum orchid.
  • Around the Elysian Pool Lake: rat tail orchid (south) and Cypripedium passerinum orchid (north).
  • Around Lake O’Creagh’s Run: Bulbous Arethusa orchid.
  • Big Valley (very sparse), Tall Trees: Cypripedioideae orchid.

The best way to find out the exact collection points is by consulting the RDR 2 unofficial map . Just go into the tool, select “hide all” and then activate only the exotic objects. You can click on any of them to see what it contains or what it may contain.

Most orchids grow on tree trunks, but animal materials have a trick. The appearance of birds is totally random and it can take a while to find, kill and skin the ones you need. Alligator eggs are easier to come by: Although they are protected by these powerful reptiles, they are all found in easy-to-detect nests around swamps and rivers. Also, every time you poach a nest, you will easily find 5 or 6 eggs, so it takes less time than it seems.

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