French boxing: essential accessories

French boxing: essential accessories

French boxing: essential accessories

First of all, remember that in most melee combat sports, protective gear is mandatory , because in the past fighters boxed with their bare hands and caused too many injuries.
To do a French boxing training, you won’t be able to join a boxing club without basic savate equipment .
Savate, a sport from fencing: how to choose your equipment.

What is the interest of sports equipment?: French boxing: essential accessories

French boxing equipment serves mainly to have good protection when hitting the opponent, making a wide kick and a light blow without hurting yourself.
But it  also aims to protect the opponent. In fact, the gloves distribute the impact of the blow, the helmet protects the skull while the shin guards prevent bruises related to leg-to-leg blows. Accessories made of padded material will soften bumps and prevent open wounds.
One of the main tools of the boxer is the boxing gloves . To choose the correct ones, you have to take into account a series of criteria:
Your body mass,
Your size,
Your budget,
The material of the item (leather, synthetic leather or faux leather gloves),
The closure system (self-adherent elastic band or velcro strap),
Your personal tastes.
And how much do they cost?

Prices and brands of boxing accessories

The most popular boxing item brands are Everlast, Venum, Adidas, Fairtex, Hayabusa, Cleto Reyes, Ringhorns, and Twins. To buy basic material and at good prices, we will choose the Domyos brand from Decathlon . However, for regular practice, opt for specialized manufacturers.
The complete equipment for practicing French boxing includes:
Boxing gloves (from € 12 to more than € 150),
Mittens (from € 7 to € 29.99),
Mouth guards (from 10 to 90 euros for a single or double mouth guard with thermal molding),
Anatomical shell (from € 20 to € 100),
Chest protector (for female boxing, from € 35 to € 50),
Protective helmet (from € 27 to more than € 80),
Shin guards (from € 12 to € 55),
French boxing boots (from € 30 to € 150).
Where can I find my accessories?
Most boxing equipment is sold by some vendors like Decathlon, Dragonfight, Rude-boys, Amazon , etc.

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