‘Friends’, a generational sigh

‘Friends’, a generational sigh

Between the ‘boomers’ and the ‘zoomers’ is the generation of those who lived the end of a cultural dream

The premiere of ‘Friends: The Reunion’ (HBO) , has had the dubious effect of an alumni reunion: check the ravages of time.

‘Friends’ was very important to us. I use the generational plural, as it has been recognized as the Generation X series , that of those born between 1965 and 1980.

A television trait of this generation is having been raised on sitcoms. Spaces in which the family, a gang, a work environment, whatever it was, appeared defined and protected from the world, encapsulated in pleasant, light stories, with a final moral.

Generation X grew up with the 80s, with Spielberg movies , the Jedi universe , John Hughes movies ‘Friends’

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