HARIS   SOHAIL complete information

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information
HARIS   SOHAIL complete information

Pakistani cricketer

Full name: Haris Sohail

Nick name: Haris.

Birth place: Sialkot, Punjab

Date of birth: Jan 9, 1989

Age: 29 years.

Weight in Kg: 75 kg

Height in feet: inches 5 feet 11 inches

Height in cm and m: unknown

Mother name: unknown

Father name: unknown

Role: all rounder

Bowling style: Slow left arm

Batting style: left hand batsman

National side: Pakistan

Major teams: Pakistan, Sialkot, Peshawar Zami, Punjab, Sialkot stallions, Karachi region whites.

Marital status: married

Shirt no: 89

He is one of the talent players of Pakistani team. He also won the man of the match. He was so happy on this match. His family is also happy due to good performance on his match. His international career is so best in this year than the other member of the Pakistani team. On 2013 to 2018 national side is Pakistan and on 28 September in 2017 playing with Sri Lanka of test debut cap 229. On 3 December 13, 2018 He is playing against New Zealand in last test. On 19 July in 2013 with West Indies in ODI debut cap 192. On 11 November in 2018 with New Zealand in last ODI. His shirt number is 89. On 28 July 2013 he is playing with west India of the T20I debut as a cap 54. On 5 July in 2018 he is playing against the Australia in last T20I.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information Domestic team career of Sohail:

In 2008 he playing with the team of ZTBL, in this year his team show best performance in this years. He is also playing in 2007 as a team of Sialkot cricket. In year 2007 to 2018 he is playing as a team of Sialkot stallions. In 2013 his team is Khulna royal Bengals and in 2017 to 2018 his team as a Peshawar Zami. He is a talent man in the Pakistani team and show good performance in any match. He also has normal behavior with the other members of the other country who playing with Pakistan.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information Career statistics of Sohail:

His career statistics is so interesting than the other member of the Pakistani teams. He plays 9 test matches, 26 ODI match and 9 T20I match. His runs scored 683 in test series match, 960 ODI and 90 runs scored in T20I. His batting average is 44.23 in test, 44.63 in ODI and 15.00 in T20I. Top score 147 in Test and 89 in ODI and 30 in T20I. His ball bowled in test is 372 and 492 in ODI. He gains 7 wickets in test series of match and 10 in ODI.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information Awards:

Haris Sohail is the player of the Pakistan match in one day internationals on 8th December in 2014 playing with New Zealand in the ground of Dubai international cricket stadium. In last 5 test series of match.

Sohail batting performance with different team in the world.

In this international award his batting is 85 and bowling is 0/39. In last 5 matches in test series his batting 34 (91) with New Zealand on December 3, in 2018. In last 5 test match series is 9 (28) with New Zealand on December 3, in 2018. His batting style is so interesting and his last match playing with New Zealand 147 (421) on December 24 in 2018. He also participates as a role of batting with New Zealand Australia and gain different wickets in different matches. On October 16 in 2018 his he Play with Australia and gain 17 (63) and also 110 (240) in other match. He is playing with other team of the other country as a role of bowling he play with New Zealand and Australia. With these countries his performance is so good and do goal in any match. on 3 December in 2018 he playing with new Zealand 0/7 and he also play with new Zealand on November 24 and 16 November in 2018s he gain 0/6 and 2/11 and also 0/12. On 16 October in 2018 he is playing with Australia as DNB. On 7 October in 2018 he playing with Australia and gain 0/16 gain. In every match as any test series of match his family come and appreciate him to won the match. His family comes when he won the international awards his family was so happy at this movement.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information INTRODUCTION:

The Haris Sohail is Pakistani cricketer. He was a Muslim. He was born at Sialkot in Punjab. He was born in January, 09 1989 in Sialkot. His father name is Amir Sohail. He is a son of Amir Sohail. He lives in Sialkot of Punjab. His passion is cricketer. Now he was best cricketer of Pakistani team. He act best role during the match. His nationality is Islam. The full name is Haris Sohail while the nick name is Haris. His nick name calling only his friends and family member with love.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information PHYSICAL APPERANCE:

The physical appearance is much better than other cricketers .he is smart and younger cricketer of Pakistan team. The height is 5 feet and 11 inches. He is a left handed cricketer. So he use left hand in during the match. The biceps size is 11 inches. The waist is 34. The eyes color is black and hair color is black. The color of eyes and hair is naturally. They do not apply any product on hairs for natural beauty. The body weight is 73 kilogram.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information BOWLING STYLE:

The bowling style is very different than other cricketers. They will be use left hand during the match. The bowling style is very fast. During bowling he was running very fast. He is a best bowler of Pakistan team.

 HARIS   SOHAIL complete information BATTING STYLE:

The batting style is also different due to left hand. He is a left hand batsman. He play best role in match. His relations with team are well. He makes scores very high in match. He also wins the trophy man of the match.


He play many match in test is 9 and 26 in ODI. He got total wickets 7 in test and 10 in ODI.


The hobbies of hairs Sohail is following as

  • Watch television
  • Playing videos games
  • Like swimming
  • Watch football match
  • Reading news paper


The life history of Haris sohail is very interesting. The Haris sohail during education he is a very intelligent student of our class but he not focus on study his interest only cricket. The cricketer is a dream of Haris sohail. Due to dream he was not focus on study. Than he entered in the field of cricket. In early life he was only play with friends in street. Now he was playing on national level.


The Haris sohail is no girlfriends. He has a married. He has one daughter and one son. The wife name is Molina Haris. Haris sohail mostly time spend with her Childs. The Haris sohail is married with cousin.


The national side of Haris sohail for cricket is Pakistan. They play role during the match in all-rounder side. The bowling style is slow left arm orthodox. Similarly the batting style of Haris sohail is left handed. The Haris sohail peoples also call left handed batsman. He was first play the T20 match with West Indies in 19 July 2013. In against West Indies he plays good performance.


The favorite food of Haris Sohail is chicken, biryani and fast foods. In fast foods they like pizza, shawarma, burger and chicken burger. He also those dishes which chicken is involve. The mostly eat chicken because chicken is healthy food for body.


The favorites place is London and England. The Haris sohail is going only holidays for enjoy in London and England. In London very interesting place is occurring.


The Haris sohail take only soft drinks. Because soft drinks is not harmful for health.  In soft drinks he like juices, coffee, and tea some others.


  • No take alcohol.
  • No take drugs.
  • No smoking.


The Haris sohail play well in other teams. The major teams is following

  • Pakistan Peshawar salami
  • Sialkot stallions
  • Zaria Taraqiati bank limited


The favorite color is green of Haris sohail. The green color is related with flag of Pakistan. During the match he also wears green tea shirts and trouser. The ODI shirt number is 89. The back side shirt name is present.


The social media profile is following as

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instaragram
  • Wikipedia web page


The Haris sohail belong to Sialkot. The address is Sialkot in Punjab. His all person of family live together in Sialkot. The Haris sohail is live family like a happy family. They live with our family with happy.


The salary of Haris sohail is 60,000. In our salary the Haris sohail give some donate to poor peoples. The Haris sohail is make no difference between the poor people and rich people. He thought the every person will be equal.


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