How can we calculate the number of calories?

How can we calculate the number of calories?

To be able to lose calories it is essential to drink a lot of water.

From a purely scientific point of view, a calorie is equivalent to: How can we calculate the number of calories?

“The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a gram of water by one degree”
There are several options that we have when calculating the number of calories. From mobile applications and online tests to the indications on the packaging of the products that we cannot avoid looking at.
In this way, in addition to calculating the basal metabolism and the Body Mass Index (BMI), we have selected a calorie table with several products that we take daily that are rich in calories.
FRESH VEGETABLES – Calories (per 100 g)
Potatoes: 544
French fries: 400
DRY VEGETABLES – Calories (per 100 g)
Chickpeas: 361
Peas: 351
Lentils: 336
Beans: 320
FRUIT – Calories (per 100 g)
Raisins: 324
Dates: 306
DRINKS – Calories (per 10cl)
Ron: 312
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