How can you learn Arabic without paying anything?

How can you learn Arabic without paying anything?

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How to learn Arabic with free courses?
Free videos and podcasts to learn Arabic
Websites to learn Arabic online for free
Learn Arabic for Free Using Calligraphy
Tricks for the assimilation of the Arabic language
Improve your level of Arabic with Arabic pen pals
Learn Arabic in linguistic tandems
You have heard a lot about training and education throughout life. This concept is also known as continuous training. One of the fields of study that does not forgive a break is its learning are languages. It is essential to maintain a certain rhythm of study and even if nothing new is learned, do not let what has been learned be forgotten.
But you, who are passionate about foreign languages, not only keep your language learning up to date, but you do not hesitate to start learning a new language when you have the opportunity. Have you thought about what you would like to learn Arabic in your free time?
There are many language courses in the academies and private Arabic classes . You can also contact a private Arabic teacher at home. But do you think the classes are too expensive for your budget? Are you not sure that in your area you will find the right teacher to help you achieve your goals? Webcam learning and online language learning are booming, so we assure you that on the Internet and on platforms such as Superprof or Tusclasesparticulares you will find a good Arabic teacher who teaches classes at an affordable price.
However, there are times when we cannot allocate a single euro to private classes or leisure activities but still the desire to continue learning is not lost. Why would it be nice to have the possibility to learn to speak Arabic without spending a lot of money? Well, it is totally possible, at least to get started in this language. Superprof guides you to know how to learn Arabic for free .


How to learn Arabic with free courses?: How can you learn Arabic without paying anything?

270 million people around the world speak Arabic as their mother tongue or second language, and almost two million Arabic speakers live in Spain.
The demographic statistics themselves prove that learning Arabic can be very useful. However, the European languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, French, Italian) have overshadowed the Arabic language. For example:
25 countries have Arabic as their official language, comprising 270 million speakers in 2016.
6 countries have German as their official language, comprising between 100 and 120 million speakers in 2016.
Even so, German courses are much more numerous than Arabic courses, rejected in part because of their bad reputation, which has been Islamophobia.
In any case, the number of speakers a language has should not be a criterion for deciding whether to teach or not. If there is a group of people interested in learning a language and teachers who can teach that language, why not mobilize the necessary resources to make it possible?
By learning Arabic for free, you will progress quickly while spending less money.

Here are some pages to learn Arabic for free : How can you learn Arabic without paying anything?

Loecsen : We particularly appreciate Loecsen because their online Arabic learning method is quite unique. It rests mainly on the assimilation of vocabulary, phrases and expressions thanks to pronunciation. So if an online Arabic grammar-based course bores you, head over to this site to enrich your vocabulary. Probably one of the best free online methods.
Easy Classroom : visit the website to discover various lessons in which you can learn the basics of grammar.
Learn grammar with Al-jazeera, which has many resources: articles, blogs, translations, news, etc.
Discover Arabic conjugation and verbs with Acon Arabic Conjugator , an online conjugator used all over the world.
As soon as you know the basics, start watching videos on YouTube and movies dubbed in the Arabic language (subtitled in English, to progress in both languages).

Free videos and podcasts to learn Arabic

And if we talk about watching videos as soon as you learn the basic knowledge of the Arabic language (alphabet, pronunciation and phonetics), we also have to talk about pages to listen to podcasts in Arabic .
Watching movies and tutorials on the Internet to learn Arabic for free: the key to progress.
The podcasts so widely used Arabic speakers and is an excellent way to learn Arabic for free.
Because they are totally free, unlike private classes or classes in language schools.
Because learning is fun, entertaining; we learn without having the impression of exerting ourselves.
With the videos you can work on your pronunciation (phonetics, letters of the alphabet, consonants, vowels) whenever you want, without any schedule.
You can imitate the teacher.
It is an effective method, since with the free videos you will be able to memorize the Arabic words through visual memory when the phrases are transcribed on the screen.
Visit sites like, Audio Lingua or YouTube.
If you have an intermediate level, you can also listen to music on online radio stations. If you are a music lover and you love Arabic music, you can connect to Hiba Music and listen to Arabic music to discern phrases or words that you have learned in your free online courses. You will see that there are words that appear repeatedly.
If you want to find an alternative to the Arab academy near you, do not hesitate to use our platform to find a private teacher.

Websites to learn Arabic online for free

In addition to videos and podcasts , many Arabic speakers have created pages to convey their language skills and promote their culture.
Browse the web to find your free Arabic training.
If you do not have the financial means to sign up for classes, the Internet is a gold mine whose access will cost you about € 30 per month. You will improve your level in Arabic thanks to the digital resources of Web 2.0.
Learning the Arabic language is not as simple as learning English or French for Spanish speakers. However, here is a selection of Arabic websites where online courses are free:
Arabicpod . The page includes explanations about the Arabic alphabet, progressive lessons by levels, vocabulary, grammar, dictionaries, audio files and even a mobile application. It also has a scoring system for the user. It offers three levels when you sign up (basic, intermediate and advanced). Each of them is made up of different lessons in which the difficulty progressively increases.
Free language . Here is a database of Arabic teaching resources, which includes dictionaries, information on courses and programs to study abroad, resources with transcripts and subtitles …
Arabic language . A blog that has a lot of information of all kinds about Arabic language and culture. Also, in the links section you will find a lot of related resources.
The hubbub . Blog about Arabic language and culture. Includes sections on grammar, vocabulary, dialects, music, cooking …
In general, all language learning web pages are fairly easy to use pages with a very clear menu. The level of the units is progressively increasing.
What do you think if we now show you some mobile applications to learn Arabic? Yes, you can also study Arabic with your mobile or your tablet. With these free applications, you can learn aliphate, the pronunciation of Arabic words, numbers, vocabulary, etc. Everything you need to speak fluently and become bilingual.
Arabic nemo
Learn Arabic in 6000 Words

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