How much is usually charged for a computer class?

How much is usually charged for a computer class?

This is the second key point when it comes to tutoring: determining the right price for your computer class .

This criterion is essential for students , along with some other factor, such as time or area. When you are looking for computer courses to improve your level, you study many teacher profiles before choosing one. If there are several practically identical profiles, the breaking factor is price.

Before determining the price you would set for your classes, study the competition in your area . So you can put a competent price within the market for private lessons. A suitable price is one that is neither too high nor too low. The goal is for it to be a competent rate, but at the same time that it represents your work.

If you don't know where to find students, the internet is the key.
You can do a search on Superprof to study the competition in your area.

What are the criteria that must be taken into account to determine the price of private computer classes?

  • The type of class: initiation, internet browsing, to improve the level, improvement, programming, application development, computer security, office automation … Depending on the type of classes you give, the price may vary, because the knowledge and skills they vary from class to class.
  • The competition: clearly, as we have explained previously, the competition will have to be taken into account, that is, the other teachers who offer the same type of classes as you in the same area and for the same type of students.
  • The area: If you are going to give private computer classes for beginners in a specific area, it is important to know who your direct competition is in your city or neighborhood, in addition to seeing the prices they are offering.
  • The profile of the students: a professional who wants to take programming classes is not asked for the same rate as an older person who wants to learn the basics of computer science (surf the internet, manage files, send emails …)
  • Your profile: depending on your training and your professional experience in the IT sector, you may be eligible for more or less important remuneration. A student (or a self-taught person) cannot have the same price as a computer engineer with several years of experience.

So don’t hesitate to use Superprof for your little research! There you can see the average prices in your area, the type of course and the profiles of the teachers.

It is also essential to take into account the expenses that your classes entail : material, travel, etc. The price you set has to allow you to teach the class and earn some money, that is, the activity you are going to do must be worth it financially.

Do you want to receive a basic computer course ? You will find many ads on! How much is usually charged for a computer class?

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