How to build muscles as a woman?

How to build muscles as a woman?

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“One of the keys to self-confidence is preparation” – Arthur Ashe
Women are sometimes perceived as less suitable for bodybuilding, strength training, or weights, but this is a totally false prejudice.  In fact, there are usually more women enrolled in gyms, and female bodybuilding is being practiced more and more .
Beyond cardiovascular training, stretching or Pilates, bodybuilding brings together rich and stimulating values  that everyone can put into practice according to their wishes, their goals, their motivations or their budget.
Whether you are pregnant, unmotivated or sedentary, the practice of bodybuilding has the advantage that it  can be organized anywhere and adapted to our particular case. The ideal will always be to follow the advice of a professional, such as a personal trainer . We are going to discover some tips to get started in female bodybuilding in the best possible way!

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