How to choose a good Arabic tutor

How to choose a good Arabic tutor

If you want to take Arabic classes and find a good Arabic teacher , there are five things to keep in mind:

Assess your level and your goals: How to choose a good Arabic tutor

First of all, ask yourself about your level of Arabic because that way you will know how to set your goals and find the right teacher.
Do you want to receive introductory classes? Be bilingual? Take intensive courses to get a diploma, pass an exam or pass a job interview? Expand your general culture and language skills? Do you want to receive an Islamic education? Do you already have some basic knowledge of this language? Or are you going to have to learn the Arabic alphabet, grammar and vocabulary from scratch? Can you write and read Arabic?
Compare the profile of teachers. Find a teacher who suits your level.
Do not exceed your budget.
Enter the most appropriate training center according to your objectives.
Private classes at home and online classes will not be enough if you want to become bilingual. In this case, choose to enroll in a language school and take classes from a native Arabic teacher. On the other hand, if you only want to learn the basics, classes at home will be perfect.
Know what you expect from your ideal Arabic teacher.
What are the values ​​that unite you and the teacher? Choose the teacher who suits your level and who does not judge you hastily.
You will have to understand perfectly with your teacher and feel comfortable to improve your oral expression. The classes should be used to remove the blocks, so you have to hire a teacher who is patient. To improve vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, a good teacher must also listen to his student. If he doesn’t, he won’t be able to help you.

We can list other qualities, since there are many values ​​that a good teacher must have:

Be consistent
Be benevolent
Forget about a frontal teaching and make your classes interactive
Be serious and nice at the same time
Be passionate about Arabic
Know how to convey your passion for Arabic
Know how to illustrate their classes with simple examples so that the student understands the concepts better
This would be the ideal teacher. With it, you can be sure to learn Arabic quickly. But how many classes does it take to learn to speak Arabic?

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