How to define the rate for a private Arabic lesson?

How to define the rate for a private Arabic lesson?

Unfortunately, it is not enough to pass on knowledge. You also have to know how to calculate the price.

How much are you going to earn from your Arabic classes?: How to define the rate for a private Arabic lesson?

In Spain, the “market price” for an hour of private lessons is around € 13.
This rate varies depending on the level of studies of the teacher, the level of the student, the volume of hours desired by the student to master the Arabic language, eventual travel expenses, the geographical area (city center, surroundings, outskirts).
An hour will be more expensive in the center of Madrid than elsewhere. In the north of Spain it will be somewhat higher than in the south, for example.
The Arabic classes of a higher or formal level will not have the same level of demand – and therefore the price will be different – than those of dialect Arabic.
In short, the formulas for adapted classes and intensive Arabic language classes can be fixed at a flat rate, unlike the regular classes taught throughout the school year.

Here is what you need to do to set the price for your Arabic lessons as a private teacher:

·                                  Test the market: compare rates already applied, Homo economicus be your classes
·                                  Indicate the target audience: students of primary, secondary, university, adult
·                                  Specify the types of teachings: introductory classes, intensive classes, private classes, for groups …
·                                  Mention the level of studies, diplomas and experience as well as the teaching method
·                                  Build a good series of classes to demonstrate the added value
·                                  Assess the level of the student to adapt to that particular level
·                                  Price adjustment: if it takes 88 weeks to understand, write and read Arabic, suggest a fixed price or offer discounts
·                                  Conform to the geographical area
·                                  Indicate a specialization: formal Arabic, dialect, Koranic, Moroccan – Darija -, Egyptian Arabic …
After creating a list with the parameters to take into account regarding the price of Arabic language classes – classes at home, online, individual or group, dialect Arabic, literary, classes for beginners, intensive -, you will already have your rate.

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