How to do an image search using a screenshot taken on the spot in Windows 10

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How to do an image search using a screenshot taken on the spot in Windows 10


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We are going to explain how to do an image search using a screenshot in Windows 10 , all from the operating system itself and using a screenshot that you are going to take at the moment. It is a curious hidden function of the Windows 10 search bar , just like being able to use its internal translator .

The way to proceed is simple. All you have to do is click on this option in the Windows 10 search section, and the screenshot tool will be launched. With it, you choose the area to capture and Bing Images will open to do the reverse search. This can help you quickly search online for any image you are seeing on the screen.

Screenshot reverse lookup

The first thing you have to do is click on the search option on the taskbar in Windows 10. By default it is a bar, but you can configure it to be an icon or remove it. If it is a bar or icon, simply click on it to open the search box , but do not write anything inside.

The search box will open, where you don’t have to type anything. What you should do is click on the option to search for captures , which will appear in the lower right corner of the Windows 10 search window. You will see that it has a square icon with a point in the center, like if it were a camera lens.

The search window will close, and the capture tool will appear at the top of the screen. With it, you must take a screenshot of the part you want to search , being able to draw on the screen by making a square or by hand, using the capture tools you have above.

Once the capture is made, the search tool will process it for a second or two. What you are going to do in this short period is to convert the image and upload it to the search engine to perform a reverse search automatically.

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After those seconds, the browser will open showing you the results of the reverse image search in Bing. You can see the capture you have made on the left, and the results on the right. Here, the precision will depend on how recognizable what appears in your capture is


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