How to have an Arabic keyboard on your computer?

How to have an Arabic keyboard on your computer?

Second trick to accompany your learning of Arabic: use an Arabic keyboard on your computer and on your mobile.
To what end?
There is a golden rule to be able to write Arabic: learn the Arabic alphabet.
For that, forget our Latin alphabet.

Golden rule for learning Arabic: learn the Arabic alphabet by heart!: How to have an Arabic keyboard on your computer?

The Arabic alphabet is consonant, it follows an archaic order: the abjad. A writing system that only uses the consonants of the language.
This is the transliteration of the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet:
ش: š
س: s
ز: z
ر: r
ذ: ḏ
د: d
خ: ẖ
ح: ḥ
ج: ǧ
ث: ṯ
ت: t
ب: b
ا: ā
ء: ʾ
ي: and
و: w
ه: h
ن: n
م: m
ل: l
ك: k
ق: q
ف: f
غ: ġ
ع: ʿ
ظ: ẓ
ط: ṭ
ض: ḍ
ص: ṣ
In the writings, vowels appear rarely. Only in educational and religious works.
As learning the Arabic alphabet could be too easy, all letters have 3 declensions depending on their place in the sentence: beginning, middle or end. Which makes 84 characters to memorize.

In the numerical age:

To practice your Arabic writing,
To chat with the 300 million Arabic speakers in the world,
To surprise your Arabic teacher , etc.
You have to put an Arabic keyboard on your computer!
Install Arabic keyboard in Windows
Open the settings panel .
Choose region and language.
Open the keyboards and languages tab .
” Add language”,
Click modify keyboards.
The set of languages ​​of your computer’s system will be displayed.
Depending on the version of your Windows operating system, it will give you a choice between different Arabic dialects: Egyptian Arabic, dialect Arabic, Syrian Arabic, etc.
Depending on your needs, simply choose the most appropriate Arabic language.
Install the Arabic keyboard on a Mac
Ideal for perfecting your command of Arabic writing . As with Bill Gates’ iconic branding, you have the ability to use an Arabic keyboard on your Mac with quick and simple manipulation.
Mac menu address .
Click on system preferences
A dialog opens, choose keyboard
You will now see 4 tabs at the top: click on data entry methods ,
Click on the “+” sign at the bottom left to add a new keyboard,
Select ” Arabic ” among the different languages ​​proposed,
Validate by checking ” activate keyboard shortcut “.
Easily install an Arabic keyboard on all your Apple devices to improve your command of the Arabic alphabet.


Add an Arabic keyboard on your iPhone

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to do without the mobile, why not take the opportunity to train yourself to write in Arabic all the time and anywhere?
Like millions of people in the world, do you have an iPhone?
Here is an extra to know how to use the Arabic keyboard easily on your mobile.
Go to parameters,
Then to general,
Select keyboard,
Select international keyboards (the figure mentioned in the tab represents the number of keyboards and languages ​​already active),
Search for the desired language, Arabic, and activate it.
Finally add it.
Now you can use the Arabic alphabet whenever you want.
When you take notes, click on the “world map” icon that appears at the bottom left of the keyboard, all the languages ​​you use appear then and you can easily switch from Arabic to Spanish.
An excellent alternative to accompany your online Arabic classes through applications dedicated to teaching it.

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