How to learn to write in Chinese?

How to learn to write in Chinese?

Like in nursery school, we started from scratch with Chinese!
Before launching into writing , you have to learn the different characters!
A Chinese apprentice worthy of the name should not be content with learning pinyin, he will have to learn all the complexity of Chinese, its characters, its conjugation and its grammar.
Mastering the characters is paramount. Without a thorough knowledge of the characters, it is difficult to say that we have mastered Chinese.

Learn the basic vocabulary: How to learn to write in Chinese?

Before starting the complicated, let’s start with the basics. This allows you to motivate yourself and learn concrete things. For example:
Good morning: 你好
Goodbye: 再见
After you have acquired some vocabulary notions, have learned to recognize the characters and to write them, it is time to move on to some common phrases:
How’s it going? 你 怎么 去?
Good: 很好
Excuse me: 请 您 原谅
I don’t understand: 我 不懂
What is your name? 你 叫 什么 名字?
My name is: 我 叫
How old you? 你 几岁 了?
I am… years old: 我 + name + 岁 了
What nationality are you? 你 是 哪 国人?
The grammar
Grammar and conjugation are a necessary tool to learn to read in Chinese. They are actually quite simple:
There is no distinction between the feminine and the masculine
There is no segmentation between singular and plural,
There is no conjugation or declension,
The classical structure of a phrase in Chinese is very simple: subject / verb / complement.
There are a few exceptions, to complicate it a bit:
The circumstantial complements and the indirect object complements are before the verb , while the COD are after the verb,
The existence of the especificativo : “zhi”支designates a branch, but is used to form the word “cigarette” (支香烟) and “pen” (这支笔). In this case it designates the fine appearance of the objects in question,
The most important word is at the end of the sentence.

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