how to make a link shorter shorten url generator url shortener free

    How to make a link shorter :  shorten url generator:  url shortener free

    shorten url generator url shortener free

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    Here’s an explanation of what the code does with

    1. generateShortURL(): This function generates a random short URL of length 6 characters. It uses a combination of numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters as characters to create the short URL.
    2. $urlMapping: This is an associative array that stores the mapping between short URLs and long URLs. When a user submits a long URL, the short URL is generated and added to this array.
    3. The code handles form submission (if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST")) when a user submits a long URL. It generates a short URL using the generateShortURL() function and stores the mapping in the $urlMapping array.
    4. The code also handles redirection (if (isset($_GET["short_url"]))) when a user accesses a short URL. If the short URL exists in the $urlMapping array, it redirects the user to the original long URL using header("Location: $longURL").
    5. The HTML part of the code defines a simple web form where users can enter a long URL. When they submit the form, the short URL is generated, and the shortened URLs are displayed below the form.
    6. If there are shortened URLs in the $urlMapping array, they are displayed as links that users can click to access the original long URLs.

    This code provides a basic example of how a link shortener web application can work. In a real-world application, you would likely need to add more features, error handling, and security measures to make it robust and secure.

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