How to optimize your work time after class?

Too many homework - how to achieve it?

How to optimize your work time after class?

It is enough to develop good habits to learn the lessons and complete the homework. Do you think that is easier said than done? No thanks to our advice! By following all the steps, you will be able to  optimize your time  not only to improve your academic results, but also to enjoy your free time!

There are three types of time: How to optimize your work time after class?

The  irreducible time  that is used to cover your primary needs: eat, shower, sleep …
The  working time: school hours and hours spent doing homework.
The  free time  that can be divided into two:  leisure  and  relaxation time. Leisure time is dedicated to other learning than those taught in class (boxing, drawing, dancing, singing, piano, photography …). Relaxation time is the time spent reading, watching TV, playing …

Make a schedule to be perfectly organized!

In a week, there are  168 hours.  Approximately  70 hours  belong to irreducible time (yes, yes, sleep is very important to learn and be efficient in your work). They dedicate  25 to 30 hours  to classes. Assuming you work 2 hours a day during the week and 3 hours a day on weekends (that’s a lot!), Your work time represents  46 hours a week.  There is plenty of time for leisure and relaxation.
To optimize your work time, there is no secret: you have to  organize yourself  and make a schedule where you write everything down. The  schedule allows you to create automation and free your brain of this mental burden.

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