How to prepare a private lesson by webcam

How to prepare a private lesson by webcam

How to prepare a private lesson by webcam

Use good material: How to prepare a private lesson by webcam

To prepare well for your private tutoring classes , you must first have the right tools . Online classes have many advantages, but they can be difficult if you have a poor quality team.

First of all, you have to get yourself some good tools: How to prepare a private lesson by webcam

A quality webcam to make effective videoconferences (between € 30 and € 60) or a digital camera that can act as a webcam (€ 100 to € 300)
Headphones to communicate better with students (between € 15 and € 30)
A recent computer that is compatible with Windows 10, preferably.
If your computer is older than Methuselah, renew it!
But good material is not enough; It is also necessary to have the appropriate computer programs :
An instant messaging program (Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc.)
A program to share files in the cloud (like Dropbox)
A task planning site (Podium, etc.)
An online video library (YouTube, etc.).
With all these resources, you will be ready to start teaching webcam classes !

Check your internet connection

Even with good material, online classes can be a pain if your connection fails. To avoid interference and transmit your knowledge in a correct way, you must make sure that you have a good Internet connection .
Opt for fiber optics , which will speed up your broadcast and your reception. Fiber is not much more expensive than ADSL: with the new offers, you can have an excellent connection from € 35 / month.
Also, check your student’s internet connection. You can check the strength of the connection on websites like Speedtest.

Use online resources

If you are going to teach online, make the most of it!
Whether it’s to prepare lessons for primary or secondary school students or to provide regular training to your students between classes, there are plenty of specialized education websites on the Internet . You will be able to organize your school revision classes by webcam directly online and for free!
Depending on the subject, you should choose the resource that suits you best:
The web pages specialized in your subject ( for Math exercises, for example)
The educational applications Free Mobile (Duolingo, Babbel etc.)
The MOOC courses online,
The videos (many YouTube users specialize in teaching through videos).
Being serious, punctual and a good teacher, you can prepare the classes by adapting them to the level of your student.
Youtubers can help you prepare your classes!

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