Would you like to apply to be part of the technical body of the Treasury? Getting your permanent place in the Tax Agency will allow you to have a stable job and a job and economic guarantee.

What is the Tax Agency?: How to prepare the exams for the Treasury technician?

The Tax Agency is the public entity in charge of managing the Spanish tax and customs system . It depends directly on the General State Administration and was created in 1990.

We also recognize it by the acronym AEAT or State Tax Administration Agency. It employs more than 25,000 civil servants (2019 data) and is one of the most important public bodies for the collection of State taxes and in the prosecution of crimes (tax and smuggling). The tax headquarters are distributed throughout the national territory.

The old management body of the Public Treasury that encompassed functions such as collection, liquidation, inspection, customs and cadastral management began to be divided in 2001 into 3 different technical bodies:

  • Cadastral management technical body that depends on the Ministry of Finance.
  • Technical audit and accounting body that assumes the functions of accounting, public auditing and budgeting, depends on the Ministry of Finance.
  • Technical body of the Treasury that belongs to the Tax Agency.

What is a finance technician?: How to prepare the exams for the Treasury technician?

The Treasury technicians are dedicated to managing, inspecting and collecting the entire state tax system and the customs system.

Candidates for Finance Technician must be methodical people with great analytical skills, and their communication skills and the ability to maintain composure, be polite and cordial even in more uncomfortable situations, will be highly valued.

Functions of a finance technician: How to prepare the exams for the Treasury technician?

The functions of a finance technician will be determined by the department in which he works. Thus, the technical body of the Treasury is divided into 3 fundamental departments:

  • Collection : its work consists of detecting assets subject to seizure, activating enforcement procedures and the seizure of assets itself.
  • Inspection : they are in charge of the control of compliance with taxes and resolutions, in addition to the personalized attention of taxpayers.
  • Customs : they pursue tax evasion in international transactions.

Difference between technician and tax agent

Both bodies belong to the AEAT, the body of Treasury technicians being higher (group A2) than the body of Treasury agents (group C2). The difference between an agent and a Treasury technician is also in the minimum requirements that are required to be able to access the oppositions of each body, the requirements of the Treasury technician being higher.

They also perform different functions since the Treasury agents carry out preparatory and administrative functions, such as documentation, information requirements, notifications, monitoring of embargo files, auctions, etc.

Troops and Sailors

Campus Training

Troops and Sailors

How much does a finance technician earn?

Finance technicians are part of the public officials with the best remuneration. The average salary of the Treasury technicians is around 32,000 euros gross per year, with the minimum salary of an inexperienced Treasury technician of approximately € 23,000 and a maximum of € 50,000 gross per year for officials with more years of experience.

Opposition requirements for Finance Technician

To be able to present yourself to the examinations of Treasury technician you will have to fulfill some minimum requirements:

  • You must have Spanish nationality and be over 16 years old and under the retirement age.
  • Be in possession or in a position to obtain the  title of technical engineer, university diploma, technical architect or other equivalent title . In the event that you have obtained the degree abroad, you must have a credential to prove the homologation.
  • Not having been convicted or prosecuted or charged with a fraudulent crime, unless rehabilitation had been obtained or the case for dismissal had fallen.
  • Not be disabled for the exercise of public functions.

How are the examinations of finance technician?

The call for competitive examinations for a Finance Technician consists of 3 selection tests that you must pass in order to be eligible for a position as a Tax Agency official. The exam tests consist of:

First test:

  1. Questionnaire of 24 questions on civil law, commercial and economic, administrative and constitutional law . For this test you will have the duration of 2 and a half hours.
  2. Language test that consists of completing a written text without a dictionary in the foreign language of your choice (English, French or German)

Second test:

You will have 4 hours to solve 5 practical cases of Accounting and Financial Mathematics .

Third test:

It consists of two eliminatory tests:

  1. Questionnaire of 24 questions about state financial and tax law . In addition, you will carry out a practical case on the application of financial law and tax settlement. Duration of 4 hours.
  2. Development of a written topic on Spanish financial and tax law that is chosen at random, and then you must read it before the Court. For this test you will have 1 hour and a half.

How to prepare for the examinations of Tax Technician

If you want to successfully pass the examinations for Finance Technician , the safest path is through a training center. By taking a tax preparation course for the Treasury you will make sure to study the latest most up-to-date syllabi, you will be able to practice each test with drills or exercises from other years, you will be corrected, they will prepare and motivate you to organize yourself to study and get your place fixed in the Treasury. How to prepare the exams for the Treasury technician?