How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

With the new provisions of the SAT in Mexico for this year, many people have been asking me how to issue invoices

I am in favor of doing things well, working well so that things go well for us. You always have to play under the rules established by the government, not against the government or spend our time looking for ways to avoid the game, better take advantage of it.

How to register with the SAT to issue invoices: How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

When we have the possibility of issuing invoices we access a greater range of possibilities and clients because large companies, registered providers always look for someone who can bill them for the services they consume.

They do it because the businesses that can pay you well know how to play with the tax numbers because they know how to benefit greatly from taxes so that the government returns that invested money to them. Are you more interested in registering for the SAT, right? hehe

It is very good and adds a lot to your business that you have the possibility of issuing invoices and it is not difficult.

How to issue invoices in Mexico: How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

Register as an individual before the SAT in Mexico. You go to the page and make an appointment at the office closest to your home, right there they tell you what papers to bring (nothing complicated, just a proof of address, identification and a USB stick)

Under what regime do I register at the Hacienda?: How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

We are going to focus only on Physical people (you are like a company before the government but you manage with your personal name) do not complicate your life, start as a natural person, easier, faster, since you master it in a few years you think if something else is worth doing.

There are many types of registration as a natural person, but focus only on professional services (lawyer, accountant, advisor, teacher, etc.) Do not get distracted by all those who tell you to cheat and register in another regime to avoid taxes and to That they exempt you from some taxes and I don’t know how many things.

If you give professional services REGISTER AS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, do things right from the beginning and you will always be calm.

There is another type of registry called RIF (Tax Incorporation Regime) that is for people who have businesses such as tortilla shops, barber shops, stylists, stationery shops, corner stores, etc.) This regime is also very good but only use this YES REALLY YOU ARE A CHANGARRO, please do not abuse or do things wrong as it will have future consequences.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that when you register at the SAT offices they give you 3 things:

  1. Password and user of the web portal
  2. Signature and digital seal on the USB with its respective password and username that are different from those of the website. These are some key files to be able to make any movement in HACIENDA.
  3. Ask them to give you your digital stamps that are also files, they bring their own password and username as well, these are used to declare taxes and print invoices when you enter the portal.

With these data you can now do anything within the Mexican tax system.

Ask for an invoice everywhere: How to start invoicing / how to invoice my clients (3 simple steps)

Since we are registered before doing the second step is that you hire an accountant, it is not expensive and I swear that he will return more money than you pay him (if he is a good accountant of course)

Give them your files with their respective usernames and passwords and get to work.

Everything you buy in life, ask for an invoice, we are all supposed to invoice and declare before the Treasury so the more time passes even the store you can ask for an invoice, that invoice you send it to your accountant and he will record your expenses, these expenses at the end of the fiscal year will be returned to some extent in CASH.

How to invoice your clients

Do not complicate yourself, hire an accountant, every time a client gives you money or deposits you, notify your accountant, send him a whatsapp and tell him: make me an invoice for “X” value plus VAT, here are the customer’s data and that’s it, he will do it for you in less than 5 minutes.

All the money that comes into your hands from now on set aside 16% and DO NOT SPEND IT. Put it aside, if they deposit it, it’s very easy because applications such as those of Bancomer or Banco Azteca have a function so that everything that enters you can automatically set aside a percentage.

That money, you will get it back at the end of the tax term if you declare all your expenses well (it can be 2, 6 or 12 months, depending on where you live).

Do not complain

You will tell me «oh I can’t raise 16% of what I sell, in case they don’t buy me, now giving more expensive less» don’t complain, if you give more expensive than WORTH IT, get at your price level, Sell ​​to customers who can pay more and who know they are paying taxes, believe me you are going to earn more.

You can use your money however you want

It is a great myth that if you audit you cannot withdraw money or be depositing or withdrawing money from your account. IT IS A WRONG BELIEF invented by “anti-government” people

You can withdraw, deposit, save, save, invest, transfer WHAT YOU WANT, it is your money, you can do whatever you want with it, the only thing that finance asks you is that you pay VAT for everything you sell and that’s it. Just notify your accountant of every move you make and he will manage it in the best way.


Stay away from accountants who suggest you open fake bank accounts or ask your cousin to open an account for you and give you access to avoid taxes and all those strategies like “meet at a Starbucks so you can give me the cash in coins. 10 pesos »the SaldazodelOxxo, Amazon Cash, etc.

Simplify your life, time is the most valuable thing in the world, over time you produce more money, everything that is deposited and all add 16% to it, think big now. Believe me that you will be calmer and you will feel like an entrepreneur from now on for managing a business at that level.

I am not an accountant, I am not a tax lawyer, I am just someone who has created several companies and businesses, I spoke to you from my experience, about what more time, tranquility and money generated for me, I want to share it like this because it is what worked best for me. life.

If you got to this part it is because you liked the article, if so please help me by following me on my social networks, I know that I can help you with all your questions, also if I see a good answer I will continue with this topic. Without further ado for the moment I say goodbye and I await your questions via message


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