How to write an essay in English?

How to write an essay in English?

Before applying for a job in English, you should have gone through the “English classes” stage. English, usually taught in primary school and high school, is the second language of most students.

Take the time you need to write your presentations and dissertations well.

And for many Spaniards, it is their pending subject for years. However, the fact that it is difficult for Spaniards to learn English does not mean that it is an impossible mission. Little by little, with dedication and working with the grammar, conjugation and syntax exercises, you will be able to learn this language.
Little by little, students will learn to write slightly more elaborate texts until they are able to write essays in English .
Putting your writing skills into practice will help you get a good grade in high school , but not only that!
The exercise of writing an essay involves developing the ideas and thoughts of the self and the arguments necessary to support the speech. This exercise will allow you both to acquire new vocabulary words  and to learn to express yourself with more elaborate sentences.
Learning to construct sentences and argue  is an advantage when it comes to participating in any conversation in the Shakespearean language.
However, before embarking on writing an essay, the first thing you will have to do is establish what the structure of the essay will be, just as you would in Spanish.
Preparing your introduction, conclusion, and parts of your essay before writing it is one way to ensure that your speech is coherent so that you never stray from the topic. Later, you can use this draft to guide you when writing it down.
Are you facing your first essay in English? Does the written expression in English scare you? There will always be a first time when you have to write a text in English; the sooner you face it, the better.
Work on irregular verbs, idioms, verb tenses, prepositions, collocations, conjunctions and links to string your essay, various adjectives, and above all write knowing what you are doing.
Because when writing, we cannot neglect neither the spelling, nor the grammar nor the conjugation in English . Above all, don’t forget to reread your essay one more time. Sometimes we ignore some errors that with a mere rereading can be corrected.
Let the text rest for a while so that when you read it you are not influenced by your own decisions and above all so that the reading is pleasant for the readers. Try to avoid repetition by using synonyms and pronouns.

If you write the writing yourself alone at home, turn to the Spanish-English

dictionary and textbooks : so you can review the rules of English spelling and grammar or look up vocabulary words to integrate them into your writing, as synonyms, in order to add some richness to the text.How to write an essay in English?
On the other hand, just write one sentence for each idea . Many times, we are pretentious and want to use many sentences and express many ideas. In this case, less can be more and the quality of the writing is better than writing hundreds of nonsense words.How to write an essay in English?

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